What to Cut?


Liberals love attacking fiscal conservatives by asking what they would cut.

Let me answer the question, very simply.


We’ll start with the military, if you like. There are a lot of things we can cut back on in the military, and we should. Let’s cut the budget by 50%, but do so by eliminating all the expensive research projects and wasteful spending. Contract out all the handling of money and supplies to those who can do it the most effectively, which are likely not 20-year-old soldiers and career officers. Use the same methods that businesses use to get the most bang for the buck, and never feather anyone’s bed. At the same time, we can use contractors across the world to defend our assets and fight our wars. We can, and should, have a program like the French Foreign Legion, where anyone from any country can sign up and become a US infantryman. We can offer a small wage but more importantly a chance at citizenship. In addition, we can issue letters of marquee and reprisal, allowing the same ingenuity that has created our economy to be used to fight our wars. That saves us 12% of the budget.

With that out of the way, there’s a lot more to go. Next on the chopping block in Medicare and Medicaid. Then Social Security. These are two programs that are already bust but no one dares admit it. I’m sorry, grandma, but the bank account where they pay your benefits from? It’s long been overdrawn. Cutting these programs saves us 40% of the federal budget.

Then come the entitlement programs, starting with the farm bill and ending with food stamps. These are programs where government pays people to do nothing. All of these must go, immediately. A simple test is to ask, “When we give you this money, what good or service do you provide to the people in exchange?” If the answer is “nothing”, then we cut the program out completely. It makes no sense to take money from people and spend it on something that doesn’t benefit them. You’ll notice that the department of education doesn’t survive this cut. Giving money away to schools isn’t a public benefit, but a specific benefit to those states and schools which comply with the federal laws regarding education.

We have now cut the budget by almost 80%. What is left are the courts, interest on the debt, and a few straggling programs that actually deliver value to the American people.

We are not done yet. Finally, we have to apply Article 1, section 8 strictly to the budget. That means unless it is something specifically mentioned in the constitution, it doesn’t get added to the budget.

Now the federal budget is cut to just 17% of what it was, the vast majority being spent on the military, with the second largest item being interest on the debt.

We are not done, yet.

Next, the congress should sell all the federal assets that we don’t need. This includes all the national parks and all the land and assets that the federal government no longer needs because it no longer has an army of bureaucrats. This will bring in a tremendous amount of cash, a vast quantity that we can only imagine what it would be. All of this will be used to pay down the debt.

Finally, and this is the most important step of all, congress will shut down the Fed and write a law that forbids banks from printing their own money by loaning out more than they have. This will contract the money supply to the tune of tens of trillions of dollars. To prevent the economy from completely collapsing, the congress can print enough money to replace the disappearing money and use it to pay off the rest of the debt.

That will eliminate the national debt, and leave congress with untold trillions that must be spent. The federal budget is now roughly 12%, now that the 5% of the budget we spend on debt is gone. The remaining money can be distributed to the states in proportion to their population, the states then having the ability to spend it on whatever social or welfare program it wants to.

What I am proposing is radical, but it is the same kind of radicalism that our Founding Fathers fought for and defended. We should not have a nation where anyone’s livelihood depends on the Federal Government, or anyone else for that matter. The Federal Government is supposed to be this tiny thing that has a very specific role in government, while the states and the people themselves, as individuals, handle all the important issues.

Every communist, socialist, and liberal in the world opposes my plan. Why? Because it completely eliminates their craft. There is no income redistribution when the federal government is properly limited. There is no welfare class, there is no “party elite”. The entire democratic party will never win another election as no one will turn to government to solve their problems.

We will have freedom—freedom from government spending, the freedom to live our lives the way we see fit. We will have dramatically lower taxes, practically zero, actually, since congress prints money each year to satisfy the growing economy.


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