Don’t Get Cocky: Let’s Hold a National Fast of Thanksgiving


In Roman times, the conquering generals would ride into Rome with a slave in the chariot reminding them that they are not a god. The thrill of victory is enough to drive the vast majority men into pride, and after pride comes the fall.

(1) No matter how many seats the Republicans win, there is another election in 2 years and they can lose their seats as quickly as they got them.

(2) Just because an elected congress-critter has an (R) next to his name doesn’t mean he is going to behave like Ronald Reagan. In fact, history shows us that there is a great, huge, gigantic chance he is going to behave like a RINO. That means a lot of the newcomers must be purged in the primary in a year and a half, once we discover they are not fiscally conservative.

(3) Even with the House and the Senate, the republicans still have to face Obama. If Republicans use the same tactics Newt Gingrich used against Bill Clinton, we are only going to see marginal gains. That’s the best-case scenario. More likely is the government shuts down and nobody gets anything. Although that favors our side, there is a tremendous penalty to the people for doing so: rising taxes and the Obamacare Act. Since we need to repeal these, we start off with a significantly weaker bargaining position that Newt did in ’94.

(4) If you abandon politics and go home, we will be back to square one in a matter of days, and we will have lost worse than a defeat at the polls. It is up to you to continue to behave like a sovereign American, continue to follow the political issues, and continue to build your political structure. Only this will ensure lasting freedom from government and tyranny.

I do not like falling. And so, I fear pride in my own heart. It is at the peak of our emotional and spiritual and economic successes that we must redouble our efforts to turn to God.

The only sure-fire cure to all of the above bad scenarios is to put your trust in God. I propose we celebrate our victory with a national fast of thanksgiving. In addition to foregoing food and drink for 24 hours (if we are physically capable of it), and according to the principles of Isaiah 58, we should also open up our wallets and hearts and contribute mightily to help the poor with whatever ails them (regardless of our own health). I propose the day for this fast be set one week before the Thanksgiving feast, on November 18.

If we do this, then we will not only remind ourselves our insignificance, but we will be able to combat the pride that builds up in men’s souls. Perhaps, perhaps God will favor us for remembering Him first, and bless us with a few months of peace and joy.


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