They Have Convinced Themselves


I spoke at length with a democrat poll watcher. Obviously, I was poll watching for the republicans.

It is odd to hear someone who agrees on virtually every issue but a handful decide to vote for the other party because of the virtually unimportant issues. It is even more sad when the difference of opinion is based on a false representation of my party’s position.

The democrat believes that we need fiscal everything, but we cannot legislate morality. I told him that I agreed 100%. He said that there are elements of the Republican Party that want to impose morality on the rest of the people through government. I said that we don’t want them in our party either. But somehow he was convinced that it was our party platform to use the force of government to build churches in Washington State. I don’t know where he got that idea from, because it is an outright lie.

The other part of the conversation was about the Tea Party. He was absolutely sure he knew what the Tea Party was about, and wanted to hear nothing about what the Tea Party had to say about it.

At the end of the day, his vote is going to be a deciding factor, along with a very large group of others, that keeps our state in democratic hands. That means no fiscal constraint, no conservatism whatsoever. At the same time, the democratic party is going to impose their religion on the people, and punish those who refuse to conform. Their religion is the religion of earth-worship, or the idea that man’s needs should be put secondary to the needs of mushrooms and tiny animals that don’t even have vertebrae.

He will complain about the state legislature when they bring up gun control yet again, or limiting our freedom to speak with our dollars. He is going to complain when they fail to balance the budget, and divert ever large sums of money from the taxpayer’s wallet to their unions and special interests, all in the name of “charity”, mind you.

And he will have cut himself off from the one party that is actually going to do something about it, because of a tiny minority who has no power, and who has fallen out of favor after their obnoxious behavior in 2008.

Folks, we all need open minds. We need to consider what people say, not what others say about what they will say, but what they say. If we don’t go to the source and see for ourself, we allow ourselves to be lead like cattle to the slaughterhouse. If we don’t take the time to figure out which party or which candidate really has our interests at heart, we cannot later complain that the legislature doesn’t care about the little people.

You are going to hear a LOT about what the republicans believe in the coming years. The vast majority of what you hear will not come from republican mouths. Therefore, believe not a word of it. Let the parties speak for themselves, and don’t let them define each other for you.



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