What It Means


What did the American people say tonight?

They said they want no part of Obama’s plans for America.

They said they want their taxes cut, spending reduced, and the constitution heeded.

They said they want their jobs back, jobs that can only be created by the private enterprise, not government bailouts.

Obama and the Democratic Senate now must heed the people’s voice, or they will face another crushing defeat in 2012.

Meanwhile, the Republican House should now strut their stuff like they own the place. Start immediately with tax cuts—go beyond the original Bush ones. Heck, cut corporate taxes to 0. Then continue by cutting spending. Eliminate all the social programs that feed the democratic party. All of them! Then cut spending for all the little bailouts for all the liberal groups all across the country.

Finally, the house needs to consider reforming Medicare and Social Security. Don’t pay attention to anything the democrats say—just go for it.

Yes, all these bills will get shot down in the Senate. But you know what? That’s what we want.

The house should write all the bills only to see them shot down. Then they House turns to the American people and wags their finger at the senate and the president and shout at the top of the lungs, “THEY STAND BETWEEN YOU AND LIBERTY! Had they simply compromised with us, we could have cut taxes and reduced spending and restored sanity to our country. We could’ve saved Social Security and Medicare and we could’ve done all these wonderful things. But no, they are trying to destroy our country and they are blaming it all on us, when they are the ones who are the party of NO!”

Then we should have a debate on articles of impeachment when it comes to light all the corruption in the administration.

In short, completely stop the Obama agenda. and make them vote NO, NO, NO to all the things the American people want to see. Let them commit political suicide by opposing the will of the people.


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