Eric Cantor for House #2


Eric Cantor is running for house majority leader in the new congress. Watch his campaign here.

I’m not terribly excited about Boehner as the Speaker of the House. I honestly believe that the house would do well to elect the most conservative democrat as the Speaker of the House, to show that they are willing to work with the other side, but more especially, to make sure the majority cannot steamroll the minority. I believe the president of any body has to lay aside their own personal preferences and work as the judge in a courtroom.

I hope and pray that Eric Cantor’s message of fiscal restraint will carry not just throughout the house, but throughout America. I will be fasting Thursday, November 18, partially out of gratitude for living in a country where we can and do “throw the bums out”, but more especially that our new leaders will work in the interests of the people—all the people, not just a small group.


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