Goodbye, TSA


Backlash is growing against TSA, in particular the new backscatter imaging technology. The backlash appears to be coming from the left, right, and middle.

It’s time we tried something new—the constitutional protections for our rights.

First, we don’t need to search everyone. We need only search those who we have suspicion may intend to harm us.

Second, we don’t need to disarm ourselves to go into an airport. We should be allowed to carry our arms wherever we go. Note that airplanes do not self-destruct if the hull is pierced with a bullet, and the pressure difference isn’t enough to hurt anyone.

Third, we need to vigorously pursue our enemies wherever they hide, whether it is here in our country or abroad. We don’t need to pussy-foot around the issue. Monitor and closely follow all people suspected of terrorist activities. Don’t be ashamed of capturing, interrogating, torturing or killing our enemies. The Geneva Convention doesn’t protect them because they do not follow the convention. If they want the protections of the convention, then they would not be doing what they were doing. It doesn’t matter whether our enemies are citizens of our country or foreigners, living here or abroad. They are the enemy, and we will hunt down and kill them, using them for whatever things we imagine we may need to find more terrorists.

If we aggressively and conclusively pursued terrorists across the world, rather than playing games with them and trying to show a “fair” image of what we consider civil behavior, then we could actually reach a point where no one say anything threatening about us. At which point, we wouldn’t have to be so aggressive to protect ourselves. What we are doing today is like the War on Drugs, a half-hearted attempt to make a political statement to win votes at home, rather than an aggressive and unrelenting war to actually secure our liberties.


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