“Death to America”


At the Hajj, a religious pilgrimage to Mecca for muslims, participants shouted “Death to America!”

Folks, there is, apparently, a very large segment of the Islam religion that wants to see America destroyed. Since that is the case, can we go ahead and declare war on them?

The answer: Of course.

Any group of people whose purpose is to destroy our country is, de facto, our enemy, whether or not we acknowledge it.

It’s time we made it clear: You cannot have a religion of peace that declares “Death to America!” It’s time we held those who think they can hide behind their religion as justification for overthrowing our country that we will use their religion as identity tags in the coming war.

I know there are a lot of muslims who don’t want “Death to America!” It is up to them to help us identify one from the other.

In the LDS church, we do not allow those who practice polygamy in our membership roles. Simply preaching in favor of polygamy as a practice today is enough to get excommunicated. We have worked very hard to make sure that those who want to hijack our religion are clearly labeled.

What the Islam religion needs is the same. They should setup membership criteria for the “Religion of Peace Islam”, among which are tenets such as not shouting “Death to America!”, or “Death to Any Country!” Then they can point fingers at the other Islam, the “Religion of Death to America Islam” and say, “These people do not believe the words in their own scriptures, and are not a member of Islam.”

This will help us greatly when our war turns into a shooting match. The “Religion if Peace Islam” members can help us find and shoot the “Religion of Death to America Islam” members.

This division is already happening, and has been happening for some time now, at least since 9/11. The members of the “Religion of Peace Islam” have been helping us find, capture, and kill the “Religion of Death to America Islam” for some time.

I think it’s time we made it official. Let congress write a declaration of war against any religion who preaches “Death to America!”, especially those who purport to subscribe to the teachings in the Koran. The president can prosecute the war in any country using whatever means necessary, until there are no more believers in the “Death to America Islam”.

Of course, this would likely mean an invasion of Iran, the last country out there to officially support and sanction the “Death to America Islam”.


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