End Unemployment Benefits


Want to get a bunch of people employed?

Stop paying for their unemployment.

One of the programs that needs to be cut immediately is the unemployment programs administered by the federal government.

One the one hand, it’s a moral hazard. That means it’s paying people to do something that is not good for them. Paying people unemployment tells them that they need to remain unemployed.

On the other hand, it’s taking money away from employers that would be used either to increase wages or to hire more people.

If you want to have unemployment benefits, do so with your own money. Spend less than you earn until you have cash on hand to survive 3 months without a job. Then continue socking away money for your retirement. This way, you’ll not only have peace of mind, but you’ll be helping our economy grow and expand with your savings. See, real savings—money that could have been spent but was saved instead for the future—can be employed as real investment, creating real jobs that will be there after the next economic downturn. This is as opposed to the other kind of investment, investments made with speculation or false hopes. Investments made with savings that come from real people spending less than they earn is real investment and doesn’t upset the balance of our economy.

I understand that there are a lot of people who have hit rock bottom and can’t get a job. That’s why I’m volunteering my help through my church to those people. We have a program in place to not only help people get food, shelter, and clothing, but to see to it that they can get the skills they need to find a good job in today’s economy. You can approach and LDS church anywhere and ask for help, and the members there should guide you to our church welfare program.

This welfare program is not reserved for members alone, nor is it an proselyting tool. It is designed to help people in our communities, and has a track record that goes back over a hundred years.

There are other charities out there, too many to list or mention, that have similar aims.


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