Romney’s Next Move


The presidential frontrunner for 2012 is Mitt Romney.

The Tea Party movement is divided. It should always remain so. Anyone who can bring the Tea Party together deserves to lead our country.

Mitt Romney’s only weakness remains his past. That includes two important issues: abortion and Romneycare.

On abortion, people are allowed to have a change of heart. I doubt many people who truly care about the abortion issue will have a problem with Mitt Romney as president. Is it any doubt that he will appoint justices who see Roe vs. Wade as injustice and judicial legislation?

On Romneycare, his defense and the only defense he should ever have to offer are two points.

1. That Romneycare was a STATE program, not a federal one. States have the power to impose such legislation on their own people. Let each state decide what program it wants, if any, and let the states be responsible for it. Such a program is inappropriate for the federal government, not just because it is unconstitutional, but because it is not just or right.

2. That Romneycare which he supported, and most of what passed, wasn’t the health care Massachusetts has today. The legislature and succeeding governor have made bad choices, popular, yet bad, and they are suffering for those poor choices. However, it is just the people of Massachusetts who are paying for their bad choices, not the entire country.

Otherwise, every single one of Romney’s positions are squarely in line with the Tea Party. Mitt Romney worked behind the scenes on several influential campaigns. Not all of the candidates were Tea Party candidates, but a large number were.

Romney is able to bridge the gap between the moderate wing of the Republican Party and the Tea Party. On the one hand, he is moneyed and he has close ties, not just personal but political, with those who run the innards of the Republican machine. On the other hand, he isn’t so loyal to that wing as to eschew the Tea Party, as Karl Rove and others have. He is able to set his own pace and make his own positions.

I don’t think Romney will be like President Reagan. I don’t think we need a President Reagan at this time. What we need is someone who crunches numbers and reorganizes companies for a living. We need a grim reaper as president, someone who is willing to cut off his nose and hands to save his country. We need someone like Mitt who isn’t a political opportunist and isn’t trying to build a legacy.

Let me share my example. During Reagan’s presidency, he was often at odds with his own administration. We see evidence of this in how he handled the Air Traffic Controller’s Strike in ’81. If we were to have such a confrontational president while the government is downsizing, the results could be catastrophic. We need, instead, someone who is able to make people feel good while they lose their jobs, who is able to make cold-hearted calculations and not budge an inch when people come crying about their poor selves.

During a Romney presidency. the constitutional push will need to come from the house, and hopefully, the senate. We already have a very conservative and very constitutional house as it is. Hopefully, come 2012, we can replace even more republicans with Tea Party republicans, or at least people who will put the constitution first.

I can’t sell Romney to the Tea Party. He’ll need to do that himself in the coming years. I fully expect that by the time primaries and caucuses are being held, the front runner will be Mitt.


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