North Korea Must Be Stopped


We often worry that a war with North Korea would lead to thousands and thousands of civilian deaths on the South. The reason is because of their vast array of artillery along the border.

Here’s an article that details the attack and technology used. (link) The highlights include:

  1. The North used thermobaric shells, meaning they explode once to spread fuel in the air, and then again to detonate it. This kind of attack is devastating against concrete structures, and we see the devastation it caused in the village.
  2. Many, many shells did not explode, showing that the equipment is very old or that they simply don’t know how to keep their systems in working order.
  3. The North used a Time-on-Attack method where shells were timed to land at the same time for maximum effect.
  4. The North’s artillery emplacements could not be efficiently targeted by the South’s artillery because they were pointing southwest at the time of the attack. They had to rotate almost 180 degrees to point to the North. This makes the North’s excuse that the South was firing towards the North laughable, but it also shows that the North was scared of the South’s return fire.
  5. The North is working off of very old information, targeting structures that were military structures several decades ago.

This intelligence leads me to believe several things.

  1. The North is acting out of hubris. They think they actually have technology that can challenge the modern world.
  2. The North is acting our of ignorance. They do not understand their own weapon systems let along the state of the South Korean defense forces.
  3. The North is acting. They will continue to act until someone helps them understand their hubris and ignorance.

We do need to help the North understand their situation more accurately. For starters, they simply do not have the same scale that the South and the USA has put together. They are terribly small fish in a really big pond. They were small fish when the war began so many years ago, they have grown a bit since then, but the truth is the pond is so much deeper and wider than it’s ever been. In terms of manpower and dollars, the South has the North beaten several times over. It’s laughably pathetic what the North is trying to do.

How best to communicate this message? I propose we simply strike all their artillery outposts at the beginning of our military exercises. I know that we have the intelligence, the resources and technology to do so, all using an approach similar to “Time-on-Attack”. Sure, they may be able to fire a few rounds off, but it’s a good gamble since many of those rounds will not even explode. The South can quietly ask people living in old military areas to avoid that particular area during the strike, moments before the strike, to ensure their safety.

With their artillery disabled, the North will lose their one ace and will no longer be negotiating from a position with any power at all. They will come to realize the vast difference in military capability between them and the South, and we can continue our military exercise without worrying about another village going up in smoke.

North Korea will only have two options to escalate the war at that point. On the one hand, they can try a full-scale invasion of the South. Such a move would be suicide without artillery, or even with it, since the South is so well-defended that a handful of people could keep the invading columns from moving more than a few hundred feet a day. The targets would also be easy pickings for our air and artillery assets in the area.

The other option is to deploy their nuclear weapons. Such a move would be suicide. If we were able to detect their movement early on, we would be justified in whatever measures we use to prevent it. Likely, we could stop a nuclear missile attack with our defense systems in the region (the fruits of the Star Wars program started by Reagan), but we could also level Pyongyang with a single nuke to help them understand the devastation they intend to release. If North Korea ever points their nuclear weapons towards another country and actually intends to fire, then no country would be justified in allowing the state to continue to exist.


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