Atheists, Take Note


This man understands what religious people are all about. At least, to a much greater degree than any atheist I have ever spoken to or heard of.

In my empirical view, this is what religion remains for modern man today–not a desire to regulate the behavior of other men, but a sincere internal reach upward to the good…. I simply firmly believe that it is the quest for the good, not the corruption, that drives religious people to worship.

The article is the last of five pages exposing why Universal Preferable Behavior (UPB) has failed like every other system of morality based on logic has failed. The author is hoping, and dare I say, praying to his God, science and reason, that there will one day be a logical explanation for good.

Unfortunately, there isn’t. That is, God isn’t governed by logic, He defines logic. God isn’t governed by good, He defines good. Good and logic are thus related, but only where God is!

Your system of belief, no matter where it begins, if it is based on a sincere pursuit of logic, truth, reason, justice, science, or anything else that is roughly defined as good, including but no limited to the ever-elusive word happiness, will ultimately lead you to God.

And by God, I mean the real God, not the fake one or the shallow interpretations that vast majority of people, dare I say, all people, have of God. (I include myself here, for as a sincere believer in Christ I know that I do not know what His ultimate nature truly is!)

It is oh-so-important that Atheists and other religions, even religions purporting to believe in God and Jesus, erase the real God from our natures and memories and yearnings. We erect fences that we feel should set a boundary on what God is. All of these fences need to be smashed, and the sooner we do so, the quicker we can move forward with our lives.

My point is this. Simply pray. Pray to whatever it is you worship as that all-governing power. Your mind has an amazing power to communicate with the Infinite. Pray and ask Him for whatever it is you really, really want, even if you think it’s stupid and foolish. Don’t pray lightly, do it quite seriously.

But the most important kind of prayer you can utter, and the one that will most assuredly change your life, is that prayer that begins in your heart and asks simply for knowledge about who God is and what is best for you in His mind. I guarantee you, even if you don’t get your answer in the way you expected it, that’s the kind of prayer that God is waiting for, and when He hears it, He will answer it, every single time, if we simply let Him.

As you come to learn things in your heart about God, you have to live them. He doesn’t want to condemn you to all kinds of punishment by giving you knowledge beyond your means to live according to it.

As you stumble upon things that you aren’t entirely sure is part of God’s nature or not, then try it out. Let it sit in your heart and see what your heart has to say about it. Then take it to God and see what He has to say about it.

This is the most amazing thing I can tell the world, and I honestly believe it will work for you because it worked and still works for me. God is really out there, ready to touch your heart when you’re ready to receive His touch. He has amazing powers, powers that only a Creator God who wrote the rules of the universe can have, and His purpose is to help you grow and mature.

At the very least, you can no longer say that I use religion to control people or to try and justify the slaughter of people. That’s not the ultimate purpose, and I’m not the one wielding religion as a sword. (I am, quite honestly, wielded by it, to my and your benefit.)

Yes, I believe some people should die, sooner rather than later, yes I believe that some people need to be controlled, for their and our own good. These ideas may seem repugnant to you, now, and I admit that even I have to question seriously whether they are right. But that’s not what religion is all about, any more than physics is about measuring how fast a ball falls to the ground. This Atheist gets it.


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