Airport Security


I’ll throw in my two cents on what a good airport security system looks like.

First, all airports should have their own security system paid for by the passengers. Don’t charge a general fee, let different airports put their own surchage on each ticket that flies through.

Second, get rid of the metal detectors. All you really need to do is scan the luggage for things that would harm the airplane. Of note, certain innocuous things are actually quite dangerous. For instance, pressurized bottles and mercury. Of course, malicious things, such as bombs, are dangerous too.

Third, allow security personnel to wander the airport. Allow them to question people who behave strangely and allow them to decide whether or not someone is allowed to fly. If the person doesn’t want to submit to a search, then they go home. If they have reasonable suspicion that the person is a threat, then allow them to behave accordingly.

Finally, teach the American people that their security is dependent on themselves, first, last, and always. If they see someone act in a way that is dangerous, don’t wait for the cops to show up—take care of it yourself. Remember what stopped the shoe bomber wasn’t the security checkpoints and such, it was the man sitting next to him who became suspicious and then acted on his suspicion rather than waiting for “someone else” to do something.

To get the last item to work properly, we’re going to need to tweak our legal system a little bit. We should give some legal protections to those who are acting in self-defense if they feel like they do not have it today. It will also require that we educate the American people and help them understand what is and is not acceptable behavior.

Our model should be the private arms industry. In addition to the manufacture, distribution, and sale of arms, there is an entire economy of education that occurs all over our country, in private and public. People who arm themselves know what the laws of the land are, and for the most part, act within the law, showing restraint when restraint is called for, but showing decisive action when it is called for. Of course, we don’t hear about the millions and millions of individuals who bear their arms responsibly and lawfully, but we do hear about those who misbehave, so our views on those who choose to arm themselves is skewed.

This self-defense mentality, the kind of behavior and attitude where one is constantly assessing whether someone else is dangerous or not, is what keeps America safe. If every user of the internet behaved in a similar way, viruses and trojan horses would never work. If every consumer was cautious about everything they bought, the same way an armed citizen sizes up whether the six-foot burly man is behaving passively or aggressively, unsafe products wouldn’t last more than a day on the shelves.


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