Segregating Homosexuals


One of the problems the homosexual movement is facing is its identity crisis.

Take, for instance, the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell fiasco.

Originally, the military would punish homosexual acts along with heterosexual ones outside of marriage. It’s in the laws that military personnel have to follow. Nothing within the military forbade anyone with homosexual tendencies to serve, just like nothing forbade those with heterosexual tendencies to serve. What the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy actually did is said, “OK, soldiers, if you want to have homosexual relations, do so without gettiing caught.” It was an absurd policy to begin with.

I don’t care either way whether the policy is repealed, provided the laws remain as they are. That is, soldiers who have a hard time controlling their sexual urges are punished for the harm they do to the good name of the military and to the people they have injured, just like soldiers who can’t control their anger or who can’t control other bad behavior.

This cuts at the heart of the issue. Who is a homosexual? What defines a homosexual? Even self-professed homosexuals can’t draw the line between heterosexual and homosexual people. Homosexual and heterosexual are words that have to do with behavior, and we all know that behavior can be controlled by the individual who performs such acts. Only the weakest-minded among us can’t control their behavior, and their priority is to learn self-restraint.

What then does it matter what your tendencies are? If I have a tendency to overeat, or to get angry, or to do any number of things that aren’t good for me, do I get to tell people that since it’s in my nature I can’t control myself and everyone better allow me to do what I like? Of course not. We have no duty to tolerate bad behavior simply because people are predisposed to it.

As a clear example, we don’t excuse alcoholics, for good reason. Even though they are so drawn to drink in excess, and even though it is so easy for them to slip into bad habits and be consumed by alcohol, they still have a choice in the matter and it is vital that they choose soberness over drunkenness. Even if that means they should give up alcohol altogether, so be it, because their choice is ultimately between being someone who is ruining their life and the lives of all those around them or being someone responsible who, although he won’t participate in drinking alcohol, he can still be helpful and useful to others.

Homosexuals who want to be treated as if they are a different kind of human would do well to understand this. If they are genetically predisposed to be attracted to the same sex, so what? Alcoholics are genetically predisposed to drink to excess. We must all live our lives in a way that benefits ourselves and others, and we must all conquer our own natures and make something better of ourselves than what we were.

Separating the act from the actor is step one in understanding what kinds of laws are just and good, and what kinds of behaviors are acceptable or unacceptable. Drawing this line means we do not label those who are predisposed to improper action as being eternally connected to that action. After all, for all I know I could be an alcoholic, yet never having tasted alcohol, I do not in any way find myself connected to it or its culture. Who knows what other bad behaviors I am predisposed to. I never intend to find out.

Once this separation is made, then the debate about marriage becomes moot. Marriage is about,. ultimately, building loving families, and homosexual relationships cannot build families. The debate about recognizing transsexuals, homosexuals, and all other sexual deviants is also moot. Who cares what your nature is, how do your actions help or hurt yourself and others, and how have you managed to control those impulses which do not lead to good behavior?


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