A Scenario


I know we don’t like to consider worst-case scenarios, but we must.

Suppose something like what is happening today in London happens here in the US. I imagine it would unfold something like this. First, the governments can no longer raise the money necessary to support their spending through taxes and borrowing. Next, they stop returning tax refunds, paying promised benefits, and paying for critical services in addition to welfare services. In other words, a whole lot of people get screwed.

This makes everything worse. Now taxpayers won’t pay, nobody works for the government to make them pay, and we have anarchy.

Those who were on the receiving end of the government’s institutionalized theft program (Social Security, Medicare, and welfare recipients) have a couple of options.

One, they can do nothing about it, but simply try to do the best they can with what they have.

Two, they can direct their anger towards a government that is collapsing.

Three, they can direct their anger against a group of people within society, such as the rich or the businesses.

Now, what would be the natural response of Americans? Keep in mind that Americans are armed to the teeth.

If society were to decay to such a degree, eventually those of us who want a lawful society will create one over the dead bodies of the unlawful. I’m not talking about obedience to the laws of the land, but the natural, moral law that binds everyone and nature herself.

For instance, if someone loots my neighbors house, or a mob shows up demanding blood and destroying property, I will find it quite reasonable to quickly organize our neighbors into a make-shift militia. Hopefully seeing a bunch of regular-old Americans lining up with rifles will be enough to disperse the mob and looting. If not, then we open fire. Without a government that can effectively restrain us, nor protect our rights, the duty of defending our rights falls in our own hands. And when we don’t have the luxury of trials or political debate, irreversible decisions are made quickly with fingers on the trigger.

Will there be reporters to report on how many rioters were killed? Will anyone ever know who did what, or would these things simply be whispers and echoes of things among the shouts of economic upheaval? I don’t expect there will be much justice in those days, not like the “justice” we see today, at least.

I don’t believe communists and progressives truly understand this. If they do, then I understand why they so badly want to disarm America. If they do, then they would never talk of rioting or collapsing the American government.

When I see the rioting that happened in Greece, or the rioting in London today, or rioting in other parts of the world, I think, “Can that happen in America?” Only as long as the military keeps the regular Americans out of it. What kept LA from descending into a civil war between the rioters and murderers who roamed the streets and the lawful people who bore arms in defense of their homes and businesses was the fact that the National Guard showed up and restored order.

I recall the image of a few Koreans atop a store of some sort with boxes of ammo during those riots. I don’t believe they had to kill anyone, just shout at them and point guns, Regardless, their store, among all the others, was not damaged in the rioting. Is this a symbol of what will happen to America during financial crisis?

I also remember the video of a man being pulled from a truck and being beaten to death. Seeing that image, I recall a certain tension among the adults I knew, mumbles of “Never again”.

We are heading for a disaster. The election of 2010 was not enough to avert it. We are not going to get a balanced budget with tax cuts in 2011 or 2012. Things are going to get much worse. There is the very real possibility that Medicare and Social Security checks will not get written in the coming months. There is no hint that the democrats in the senate are capable of righting the ship, and no indication that the president even comprehends what is happening.

Perhaps, perhaps, the democrats and president will come to realize what is really happening, and decide to reverse course. I truly doubt this, however.


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