Tyranny vs. Liberty


There are, ultimately, only two political philosophies.

One is “Government should take from one to give to another, thus making life better.”

The other is “Government should treat all equally, thus making life better.”

The first form of government is, obviously, unjust. Our communist, liberal, progressive, and even some conservative friends don’t understand this. If you view it in simple terms, however, it becomes quite clear. What right does anyone have to the property of another? Or put in terms of duties, why does anyone have a duty to provide for another?

The first form of government encourages people to seek power in government for the purpose of manipulating the system to their own advantage. Does that sound familiar? Those companies succeeding today are not necessarily successful because they are better than other companies, but because they have curried favor with the Obama administration and the democratic-controlled congress. They are, as democrats like to put it, part of the problem, but a problem created by the same polices that democrats support.

It’s like trying to eliminate ants by assaulting them with honey. Each onslaught brings only more ants, and the problem persistently grows worse.

Isn’t it obvious that by concentrating power, influence, and money in Washington DC that all the corrupt elements of our society would gravitate towards it? Isn’t it obvious that giving even more power, influence, and money to Washington DC only makes the problems worse?

The second form of government is inherently just, almost regardless of what the laws are, as long as everyone is treated the same. Someone trying to manipulate the system to their advantage would find it extraordinarily difficult. If they were successful in corrupting a part of the government such that it favored one group of people over another, this would be an anomaly, something that needs to be repaired by the elimination of it.

Suppose that rather than regulating Wall Street and bailing out banks and showing favoritism to some banks over another, the federal government simply said, “We’re out of the business of regulation, bail-outs, and favoritism. We don’t give a hoot which bank succeeds or fails, and we aren’t going to program any of our tax policies to encourage one behavior over another.”

What would be the natural reaction of the corrupt fat cats on Wall Street? They would leave Washington DC. There is nothing to manipulate there to their advantage. They can only succeed or fail based on their individual capacity to provide a greater service for a superior price to their customers.

Suppose they no longer hide behind the SEC and have to convince the American people that they are not manipulating the markets without government endorsement. What would it take to convince the American people, and having lost the trust of the American people, how would they ever gain it back?

This is what people don’t understand. Were it not for Washington DC’s meddling in the affairs of Wall Street, they would long ago have expelled their corrupt elements for fear of a backlash of the American people. If they could not do so successfully, Wall Street wouldn’t exist in anything like the form it enjoys today. If you really, really want to see the Wall Street Fat Cats go down, stop allowing them to use your name to endorse their actions through the SEC.

As for me, I want the federal government to retreat back to the hole wherein they should have been contained for a very long time. If the Federal Government only concerned itself with ensuring free trade between the states, setting a wise foreign policy and enforcing it, and fighting hostile powers until they surrender, then it would be a tiny fraction of the size it is today. Our federal tax burden would be virtually nil. And if Congress printed money the way our Founding Fathers intended, we wouldn’t have any national debt nor would we require one red cent in federal taxes. There might even be enough money to send to the states, a sort of negative tax, and eliminate taxes altogether from our country.


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