Shooting Arts Center in Federal Way


A new group was formed in December of 2010 here in Federal Way. It’s purpose is to form a shooting -skills group.

I’ve follow Mark Knapp’s Firearm blog for quite some time. Matthew Jarvis, another force behind this movement, has been a friend I knew through my church. It looks like a good group to join to have some fun and learn some new things. Their address is:

There’s a charter membership drive coming up on the 11th and 26th of January, 2011. Visit their website to see what times and where they are at.

In light of recent events in a certain Safeway parking lot in Arizona, it’s important that everyone arm themselves and train themselves properly so that when a crazy person comes down, guns blazing, we can end the killing before it begins, protecting life rather than endangering it. The militia in the 2nd Amendment includes every able-bodied male in the US, so if you are capable of using a firearm, you have a constitutional and national duty to arm, train, and prepare yourself for unfortunate events so that the country as a whole may stay strong.


One Response to “Shooting Arts Center in Federal Way”

  1. Mark Knapp Says:

    We will meet at 7:00 PM at the Federal Way Library on 320th. We expect to have many members of our Federal Way community attending, including church leaders and one or two representatives from the FWPD.

    Many people in AZ that did not previously carry are arming themselves. Gabrielle Giffords and her husband were already very committed to self-defense training, we hear; as was the slain judge and many of the medical team attending to Congresswoman Giffords; i.e., her doctor and some of his staff. It is not possible to stop such an unprovoked attack against innocent people every time (remember the Lakewood officers) but one armed citizen can make a difference!

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