Blood Libel


Sarah Palin used the term “blood libel” in her facebook post today.

Let me help my liberal readers understand why she used that term and why it is important.

The “libel” part of blood libel are the lies told about the Jews in the Middle Ages. These lies were outright fabrications, much like the fabricated lies about the Republican Party, the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, George Bush, and so much more.

The “blood” part is when the lies are about those people committing murders and atrocities, like the shooting in Arizona.

That’s only the beginning.

The third part is the “pogrom”, where the misinformed masses rape, pillage, murder, and commit genocide against an innocent people.

The reason why gun sales are up in Arizona is because people are genuinely afraid for their lives. If the media continues to attack conservatives in this way, there is going to be a lot more killings targeted towards conservatives. The only way to stop those killings is to use force in defending your life, liberty, and property.

This act in Arizona, if it can be attributed to politics at all, can only be attributed to the politics that says killing people for political reasons is OK. Note that conservatives value life above all else, and will only kill to protect life. That’s why we are for the death penalty (the world is a much safer place without murdering lunatics in our prisons but six feet under) and that’s why we fight wars (because we are never safe with enemies who want to kill us and have the means to do so.) That’s also why we are against abortion.

There is, however, a political movement that has existed for as long as man has been on the earth that focuses around death. It is the same political movement that inspires the Nazis to turn Europe into a battlefield, that had the Soviet Communists fight a world-wide war against free peoples, and has North Korea today threatening to turn Seoul into a parking lot.

When you think carefully about what freedom is and what freedom isn’t, about what it means to “live and let live” and how that actually means certain people who exhibit certain behaviors don’t get to live otherwise you cannot have “live and let live”, then you will understand how ingenious the constitution really is, and why conservatives behave and think the way they do.

As for liberals, I’ve found the vast majority of them to be shamelessly manipulated by heart-wrenching stories that turn out to be complete fabrications, such as the “rich” exploiting the “poor”, when in reality the vast majority of the rich know that the richer the poor get, the richer we all are, or the idea that somehow we went into Iraq to steal their oil, or that a lunatic with homicidal tendencies was driven into a rage by Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin, two people who he never listens to and who do not agree with him on anything he believes.

Stop believing the “blood libel” against other people. Investigate the facts for yourself. Use the gray matter between your ears and think, for a moment, about the true consequences of policies and behavior.

I can tell you’ve matured when you stop calling Palin and Bush an idiot because she is clearly not. As that is impossible for the vast majority of the unhinged radical left, I know you’re incapable of any reasonable discussion at all.


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