A New Startup: Deal-Digger.com


Shameless plug follows.

I’ve been working in my spare time building up a business that will help small businesses use the same online marketing techniques that the big boys use. My experience at my previous job (Amazon.com Deals and Email systems) has given me insight into how easy it is to build the technology, and how little work it takes to keep a good marketing and advertising presence in this space.

The website is called Deal-Digger.com. We launched back in November in a small-scale beta, but now we are branching out and encouraging people to visit.

We’re looking for businesses to put on the site. For a low monthly fee, we’ll help you post regular deals and connect those deals up to Twitter and Facebook.

We’re getting a solid response from the businesses and we’re seeing our traffic grow naturally as people refer their friends to Deal-Digger. I admit, there isn’t a whole lot of deals yet, but that is changing and new deals and businesses are showing up almost daily.

If you want to keep posted on new deals as they appear, be sure to subscribe to the map. We’ll send you daily or weekly emails with new deals in your area so you can stay on top of developments as they happen.

Politically speaking, I’ve already reduced the unemployment rolls by 2, and I’m looking at reducing it 2 or 3 more in the next few months. This kind of entrepreneurship, trying out an idea and spending your own capital to do so, is what creates jobs and helps the economy grow, not taxing the rich and spending it on the poor. The only reason we’re trying this out is because the margins for our business are big enough that taxes won’t be a huge concern, and the cost is low enough that we won’t be difficult for small businesses to afford. In other words, we’re looking to make a lot of money, money we’re going to invest right back into the economy to grow the business.

If you want to see more good jobs in our community, and support local businesses at the same time, then a great way to help is to check out the deals on Deal-Digger and frequent those businesses we have already. Be sure to tell your favorite stores about Deal-Digger, as well as your friends and neighbors.


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