When the state and federal governments are running a deficit, the correct action is to CUT SPENDING, not increase it.

Laurie Jinkins, recently elected from my district, has stopped by my house on two occasions. On both occasions, I carefully explained to her how the state budget deficit hurts my family and my neighbors because it’s us who has to pick up the tab. Her job is to go to Olympia, cut taxes, cut spending, and balance the budget so that companies can make a little more profit and grow the economy. Her job is NOT to cut up the pie and try to expand it with more tax revenue, and her job is ESPECIALLY not to take our money and spend it on the public sector!

Our precious tax dollars should only be spent on things that benefit everyone, and only when there is no better alternative. With roads and bridges, it’s difficult to make the argument that the state or federal budget should be used to build and support that infrastructure. If it’s hard to argue for roads, how can you possibly argue for increasing public sector employee benefits?

Laurie introduced a new bill to take money from cancer patients who have to make their own money in the private sector and spend it on cancer patients in the public sector. This is not right, it is not fair, and it is theft by those who think they have a right to take from one and give to another. (See HB 1517.)


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