Suggestions for Improving Health Care in America


President Obama said that if we have any suggestions on how to improve health care, he’d like to hear it.

My suggestions are simple.

1. Eliminate Medicare/Medicaid and all government spending on health care, including spending on any federal employee’s health care.

2. Eliminate all the programs and regulations that have to do with health care, including abolishing the FDA. This means no more free trips to the hospital thanks to federal laws. Let the states decide.

3. Make a federal law that allows people to buy health insurance from out-of-state companies, thus circumventing all the stupid regulations at the state level. (This is what the commerce clause was really about—allowing free trade between the states.)

4. Eliminate all taxes and tax breaks that have to do with health care and insurance.

The above 4 reforms would have the following effects:

1. People would have to find health care from private sources, without subsidies from the government. Real market forces (supply & demand) will ensure that health care goes only to those who really need it the most and have the means to compensate those who create it in the first place. The profit motive will drive prices down by providing better care for everyone. The more people who participate in the market, the more likely health care is to become a commodity like rice and wheat. At that point, doctors and hospitals will be compelled to provide the best health care possible for the lowest price possible.

2. If there are no social safety nets when it comes to health care, then people will have to rely on other people instead of elected politicians and bureaucrats for charity, the way Jesus commanded us to do it. I trust that the benevolent people of our country will provide better health care for the poor than what they receive today, especially if health care costs are driven as low as possible and when the average American keeps more of his paycheck for himself.

3. The cost of developing new medical procedures and drugs will be cut to a tiny fraction of what it is today. In place of the FDA, private organizations will evaluate medical treatments and drugs. Those who sell out will be exposed; those who maintain the highest integrity will become internationally recognized. In all things, individuals, patients and doctors, will be able to evaluate each case and decide whether or not experimental treatment is appropriate.

4. The government will shrink dramatically in size. Medicare consumes the largest part of our federal budget, and the federal regulations imposes harsh spending requirements on the states. Having this cost evaporate leaves surpluses at both the federal and state level, surpluses which will be used to pay off the debt and to lower tax revenues. This means the American people will have more economic freedoms than they do today, which translates to more civil freedoms because they can afford it.

The risk of eliminating the health care plan of an entire segment of our population is, of course, enormous, However, the cost of providing that health care, on top of the accompanying laws and regulations, is much, much greater. Either we embrace freedom or we embrace statism, which is no different in substance than socialism, communism, nazism, and all the other evil -isms from the history of the world.

I choose freedom.


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