A Word on Egypt


Egypt is ablaze, and signs are pointing to a change in government through protests and rallies. Unlike Iran a few years ago, Egypt isn’t able to keep the regime in line. Reports have cops falling in line with the protestors.

My take on Egypt is I don’t know. If this is a genuine pro-democracy movement, then it’s troubling. Democracy is another word for mob rule. If this were a republican movement, such as the movement our Founding Fathers partook in in the 18th century, then it’s encouraging, but I don’t see republicans behaving this way. Republicans would be much more organized and much more cooperative with the sitting government.

If this is a secularist movement, to deny the power of the state to Islamists who associate their religion with violence, then it is a good thing. However, the current government has been tremendously strained in their dialogue compared to their neighbors. Toppling a regime who has established peace with Israel and at the same time has helped Israel to one degree or another by preventing the free flow of arms across its borders is not a wise idea for freedom and liberty in general. If I were a secularist in Egypt, I would support the current government as opposed to toppling it, for fear of what would replace it.

What is more likely is this is an Islamist movement. A bunch of radical muslims who think it is a good idea to blow up Christians and Jews and conquer in the name of their god would be the last thing we want to run Egypt. That’s what Iran is, and we know how hard it is to find peace with such a state.

Any widespread violent overthrow of a government must be coordinated. There must be people calling the shots and organizing the action. There must be a powerful sponsor who gives the rioters enough confidence to riot. I don’t see any actors that would have an interest in seeing Egypt toppled except Iran. I don’t think it’s particularly surprising given Iran’s behavior throughout the Middle East.

If my sense is right, then President Obama should be working to prevent the overthrow of the current government of Egypt, and should be actively subverting Iran’s influence in the region for the sake of peace. However, Barack Obama doesn’t “get” this type of thing. He doesn’t understand the reason why we have a president with near-dictatorial powers in the first place and what his role is in history, world politics, and in defending our sacred rights. He is not willing to kill and overthrow governments when our safety and security is at stake, and instead believes talking to murderers and rapists is a good idea.

Like Jimmy Carter, who failed to live up to the office of president, Barack Obama is going to leave the world in a much worse state than he found it in. Whoever comes to replace Barack Obama is going to have to work hard and fast to re-establish America as the big kid on the school ground and to re-establish our authority and willingness to act in matters of our security.


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