The Muslim Brotherhood Are Not Our Allies


Founding Blogger reports on the biggest story of the uprisings in the Middle East: The progressives are working, hand-in-hand, with the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s right, the same group of Islamo-fascists who bombed and then destroyed the World Trade Center, and have done countless other terrorist attacks across the world, both against American civilians and millitary, and other nationalities, is working with the Progressives/Communist/Liberal/Marxist movement here at home and in Europe.

It’s high time we did something about the traitors among us, those who advocate anti-American ideals such as segregating our people into groups and classes and pitting them one against another, or advocate for group rights that trample individual rights.

First, I am going to label these people for what they are: Traitors. They are traitors to our national interests. They are traitors to the very concept of what make an American American. I say this because they are actively working with the enemies of our state and they are actively working against our ideals.

Let them come forward and proclaim their reverence for God-given rights, and let them explain what rights are actual rights and what rights are really entitlements. Let them explain the concept of duty and its relation to rights.

I, for one, am sick of these people. They do not belong in our borders, and they do not deserve our protection. Let us call them out, one by one, and try them in the court of public opinion. Let us vote them out of office, and shout down their political organizations. They stand on the wrong end of history, advocating tyranny for a free people. They have never left a positive mark on history, not when Napoleon tried to sweep Europe, nor when Adolf Hitler tried to build a socialist utopia, nor when Lenin overthrew the czarists, nor when Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao committed mass murder against their own people.

What has their ideology ever done for the people, except bind their hands tighter in chains of tyranny?

Let them rot, let them expire from our political forums. I despise them because of what they stand for.

The Muslim Brotherhood are not moderates, and are not our friends. They deserve to find out what it feels like to be hunted by our marines and soldiers.

If the Muslim Brotherhood takes any form of political power in Egypt, then we will know what Barack Obama’s true agenda is. He intends to use America’s enemies to further his political power in America.

Imagine what today would look like if the Shah of Iran were never overthrown. There wouldn’t be a functioning terrorist movement because there would be no state they could call home. The Middle East would not have nuclear weapons and Israel would not have to choose between bombing a foreign country and certain death. The Muslim Brotherhood would be a tiny movement forced into secrecy in their own part of the world.

Now imagine, thirty years from now, what the world will look like with five or ten Irans who are state sponsors of terrorism. At some point, we will no longer be able to use convention forces to secure our borders, and would be driven to annihilate millions and millions of people simply to survive.

I blame Barack Obama and the left in America. I blame Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and every other democrat who supported Barack Obama.


One Response to “The Muslim Brotherhood Are Not Our Allies”

  1. freedemocracy Says:

    The “moderate” fascist: The ‘Muslim Brotherhood.’

    (a) The ‘core’ of today’s violent Islamic fundamentalism.

    (b) Inspired by (European) Fascism.

    (c) Hitler admirer / Distributor of Mein Kampf in Arabic.

    (d) Domination plan.

    (e) Anti-Christian agitator in Egypt.

    (f) The 9/11 attack – connection.

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