Latest Moral Issue: School Choice


Kyle Olson compared Kelley Williams-Bolar to Rosa Parks when NPR called for his reaction to the story.

Rosa Parks, as you should remember, refused to sit in the back of the bus. At the time, black people were segregated from white people, and one of the evidences of this segregation was the fact that black people had to sit at the back of the bus. This single act of civil disobedience did not end segregation, but the millions of acts that follow did.

Kelley Williams-Bolar falsified document to make it appear that she and her daughter lived within the district of a good school. When the good school did an investigation, they uncovered the truth, and she was punished according to the law. Her motivation was to see to it that her daughter could get a good education.

Today, our education system is broken. Having the government fund and dictate education policy has completely ruined our system. Rather than apply the principles of individual liberty and moral responsibility, we have adopted the policies of government control and corruption.

Today, more than ever, we need to fight for the moral issue, which is school choice, or rather, school liberty. Rather than tax people to fund a broken education system, we need an education system where freedom is the only principle. Let people attend schools wherever they wish. Let them pay as much or as little as they want. Let teachers decide which schools they want to teach at, and let principals decide who is allowed to attend or teach.

Yes, there is terribly injustice in our country when it comes to education. This injustice arises partially because we live in a world where there is a shortage of necessary goods. The vast majority of the injustice arises because we refuse to allow market forces to distribute the limited resources according to need.

A working education system would be able to attract top talent among the teachers and administrators. A working education system would direct this top talent to where they are needed the most, or at least where they can do the most good. Although education would not be free, it would be available, which is more to say than what it is today.


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