As we start talking about the budget, President Obama and his cadre of socialists is hawking his budget, which supposedly is our salvation. Despite the fact that he outright lies about what is in his budget, and despite the fact that his budget will do nothing to address any of the crises we are already in, he persists in pretending his proposals have any redeeming value.

The sad truth is that what the republicans in the house are doing is really pointless. Even if everything goes according to the Tea Party’s plans in the house, the senate and the president will not sign on. But even then, even if the president and senate let the house dictate the budget, it still would not be enough.

People accuse republicans, conservatives, and myself of wanting to destroy Social Security and Medicare. They say we want to cut it or eliminate it altogether. That’s hardly the truth.

Yes, I propose the drastic action of stopping the programs altogether immediately. Even if I supported the idea of government socialism and putting the elderly on the federal budget, I would still propose we eliminate the programs immediately.

To understand why, consider a man who has a home mortgage. He is “underwater”, meaning that even if by some miracle he could sell his house, it would not be enough money to cover his mortgage. That was the federal government before the housing crisis hit two years ago, right before America realized that Obama might actually get elected.

What’s changed since then is that the man has lost his job, and will never be able to find a job that pays enough to ever pay back his mortgage, no matter how many times he refinances or juggles his budget.

What can the bank do in this case? There is no hope of ever recovering anything more than the value of the house. The money they had hoped to collect will never be collected. What the bank must do is immediately mark the money they cannot collect as a loss. If they believe they can collect the rest of the money from the man, then they can write off part of the mortgage and give him a new mortgage with terms that he can actually satisfy. Or, the bank can foreclose, cut off all relations with the man, and start over. Either way, the money will never appear, no matter how badly the bank wants it to.

The federal government in this story is the bank. The taxpayers are the man working in his job. The loan and the home represents the programs the government has for the elderly.

We are at a point, today, where the government needs about $68 TRILLION in assets to cover all future expenses. However, the money the government can collect from the people is not even enough to borrow that kind of money, now or forever.

What the federal government MUST do is (a) rewrite the loan terms, giving America’s elderly significantly fewer benefits because we simply will never have enough money for them, or (b) cancel the contract altogether and start over from scratch. EITHER WAY, the money is gone, and anyone who tells the elderly that the money is there is lying.

If the bank were to write off the portion of the loan the man could never pay, is the bank stealing from the man, or taking something away? Of course not. The bank is simply acknowledging a loss that already occurred. If the bank didn’t write the money off, then it would be lying to itself, its depositors, and its investors.

By the same token, if we do not immediately cut these programs, then we are lying to ourselves. We are saying we will have money we will never have, and making promises to give people that money that will never exist.

In light of this, when I propose to cut Medicare and Social Security, I am doing everyone a favor. If you are counting on your retirement coming from the federal government, the sooner you disabuse yourself of the lies you have been told the better.

The same goes for every other program the government administers, from pensions to health insurance and care to the military and many, many more things.


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