Dear Wisconsin Protestors: GET A JOB, YOU BUMS!


The teachers in Wisconsin are upset, apparently, because the state is planning to cut their benefits and to remove their ability to negotiate future benefits as a group.

You know what? If you’re working for government, you have ZERO right to complain. You get paid by the blood, sweat, and tears of someone else, whether they are alive today or yet to be born. You should kiss the ground every day, thanking your benevolent master, the PEOPLE, and hoping that they find it in their compassion to give you a decent paycheck.

Since when did we get the idea that the government owes anyone anything? Since when did the PEOPLE become the slaves of some group or another? Since when did ANYONE see it appropriate to BULLY their way to extracting blood, sweat and tears from the people to line their own pocketbooks?

I say, those in Wisconsin should be thanking God they live in a country that doesn’t lop off people’s heads for being foolish enough to believe that government is somehow superior to the people. (We saw that in France, and we find it disgusting.) They should be thanking the People that they even have a job in the first place, and they should be ESPECIALLY thankful for whatever pittance they earn.

If you don’t like working for the state, then QUIT!

I say, if you negotiate to become part of the government (which schools have FOOLISHLY done), then your salary should automatically be a tiny fraction of what your private sector counterpart is. The reason why is because your butt is not on the line. You don’t lose your job if you under perform, or if the weather turns sour, or if s bunch of idiots on Wall Street decide that selling air is a good way to measure financial strength. You don’t wake up in the morning wondering if you even have a job, or if you lose your job, you can find another one because your skill set is still relevant in today’s world.


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