Maintaining Our Country


Violence across the country is increasing as unions, leftists, and anarchists riot. The reports of union thugs assaulting others has grown to so many I can’t keep count. The recent confrontation between police and firework-armed anarchists in Seattle is an echo of events across the country.

At this time, let us pause and ask ourselves why we even have a country at all, and what the glue is that binds us together.

Other countries are bound by allegiance to their king or dictator. By swearing loyalty to the king, they can have a modicum of peace and order. In many countries in North Africa and the Middle East, that is the system they live under, and for the most part, it works well. At least, until loyalty to the king or dictator falls apart and you have chaos.

A handful of countries are bound together by loyalty to ideas. In the United States of America, that idea is God-given individual liberty. Read the Declaration of Independence, and you hear the testimony of our ancestors, which is that the universe was created by God so that individual could live independent and sovereign, and nations and governments are formed to protect the same. There is no room for debate on this basic issue.

The leftists and unions today mask their words behind the same words we use, but their ideas are completely and wholly foreign to ours. Whereas the unions decry the loss of their “right” to collective bargaining (where one party happens to be elected by themselves), anarchists decry the “right” to living life according to rules they make up for themselves.

Our ideas of freedom and liberty aren’t based on such nonsense. We believe in a universal, natural law that transcends humanity, time and space. We believe that we don’t get to choose which set of laws to obey. We believe that the fruits of believing and obeying the one true law for all mankind and the universe is peace and happiness, and that the penalty for violating the same is discord and anarchy.

We talk of individual liberty, not collective rights. We talk of individual responsibility, not consuming our time and resources to pleasure ourselves. We work to persuade others to choose for themselves to take responsibilities for themselves. We reach out with our surplus time and money to serve those around us who lack the same, because we know that the only charity is individual charity, and forcing others to serve one another is simply slavery. That is who we are as a country, because that is what people who believe in our ideals do.

The way to maintain our country is to first choose for ourselves whether we swear allegiance to a man, a country, a set of laws, or the universal laws that govern all. When millions of individuals make this choice, the result is inevitably liberty, peace, and prosperity.

Unfortunately, those who choose not to obey that law often resort to violence against others. There is no way to convince them against violence other than pure fear itself. Therefore, arm yourselves, and be watchful and vigilant. Should it ever occur that the police, national guard, and military is unable to protect our rights, we have the eternal right to protect them ourselves. If our enemies don’t fear the police, national guard, or military, they will certainly fear countless millions of regular Americans, armed and ready to protect their own personal liberty. If they are foolish enough to move forward with their plans anyway, then they will taste what the British who tried to subjugate the colonies tasted twice—the taste of defeat.

Keep yourself free, and protect your neighbor as well. Stand for truth and liberty, and do not be afraid of our enemies. The mightiest kingdoms known of earth fell before the muskets and machine guns of the American soldier, fighting to protect himself, his family, his community and his ideals. If we are aligned with righteousness, then no power can stop us.

Armed with faith, hope and love, not fear, we can certainly maintain our country and our peace no matter what violence or tactics our opponents use.


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