Political Retaliation in the Scientific World


When politics bleeds into science, science is destroyed. That’s pretty much true for anything, really. At Oregon State University, members of the faculty have allowed politics to creep into science, in the name of retribution against Art Robinson. (Hat tip: Gateway Pundit)

There are those among us who worship at the altar of science, and others who worship at the altar of politics. None of these things should be. Politics and science are institutions created by fallible people, and as is always the case, full of fallacies themselves. At least science attempts to uncover the truth, although a survey of the history of science and the science of today shows how far we have missed that ideal.

If we, as a country, cannot get past the political squabbles that seem to dominate so much of today’s news, and instead focus on what is truly important, then we really don’t have much hope of ever being anything more than the societies that have come and gone throughout the ages. Political retribution is a childish concept, something we, as adults, were supposed to outgrow by the second grade.

I don’t find it surprising at all that leftists, socialists, liberals, and democrats seem to have a problem moving past the second grade in politics. Their fundamental belief is that everything is everyone’s, and no amount of explanation will ever convince them of any of the virtues of private property. Rather than address this fundamental disconnect between human nature and their political philosophy, they have to resort to low tactics to score their political points and protect their special interests. When a movement such as the Tea Party comes along, focused on bringing fiscal sanity back to our country, they have to sully their name with dirty tactics that include such gems as “making stuff up” and “yelling racist a lot.”

I invite leftists everywhere to grow up, and demand more from your representatives. However, knowing the history of leftists worldwide, my demands are vain. You can no more adopt a statesman-like approach to politics than a thief can change his character. If you ever want to see civility restored in America, then you’ll have to abandon leftism altogether.


5 Responses to “Political Retaliation in the Scientific World”

  1. Dr. Kwame M. Brown Says:

    And I hope that you are asking the same of the right wing – birthers, outrageous claims about secret government takeover plots, the insinuation that Obama hates white people and is a secret Muslim. Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, etc.

    Your point is a salient one, but applies across the board since it happens across the board.

    I would also hope that people would keep personal attacks, especially those on children – out of the fray. The attacks on multiple candidate’s families throughout the last election were out of bounds.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      “But Tommy did it too!” is an excuse that should never be hinted at by an adult.

      • demo kid Says:

        “But Tommy did it too!” is an excuse that should never be hinted at by an adult.

        You’re hardly an adult.

        This entire story that you linked to is nothing but conspiracy theory, and you fail to include any sort of discussion of the other side of the matter. Call it whatever you like, but your blathering makes it obvious that you never care for the truth — you simply twist the facts to suit your own political ends.

      • Jonathan Gardner Says:

        You’re hardly an adult

        You’re proving my point.

        You may like to call this a conspiracy, but it certainly isn’t a theory.

        Professor Higginbotham warned us that faculty administrators at OSU were working to make certain that Joshua, his sister Bethany and, if possible, his brother Matthew never receive Ph.D. degrees in nuclear engineering from OSU, regardless of their examination, academic and research performance. Professor Higginbotham then reviewed with us the details of the plan to destroy the education of these students and advised me to do anything I could to protect my children.

        Indeed, in retribution for Professor Higginbotham’s efforts to protect the Robinson students from these unprincipled attacks, he personally has become the target of a campaign of defamation, vilification, persecution, Star-Chamber humiliation and other career-destroying actions orchestrated by Higley and the other people who are attacking us.

        Remember Occam’s Razor? Well, here Occam’s Razor points to political retribution.

  2. News from Communist Russia « Federal Way Conservative Says:

    […] was challenged to listen to the other side of the story last time I wrote about this. When the other side is silent, there is nothing to listen […]

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