Cutting the Budget and the Widow’s Mite


I invite those who find the idea of cutting the federal, state and local budgets distasteful (because people will lose their jobs!!!) to think about things in a slightly different way.

Those who equate liberalism with Jesus’ teachings may want to contemplate the widow’s mite. The story is that Jesus and his disciples were watching people donate to the temple fund. The rich came by and with a lot of fanfair dumped vast sums of money and valuables into the fund. A widow came by and dropped a single mite—roughly a penny—into the fund. Jesus held her up as donating more than all the others did combined, because she gave everything she had.

Now, if you were responsible for the distribution of the temple funds, and you kept Jesus’ story in you mind, how would you treat the money in the fund? Why, with reverence and utmost parsimony. Every single penny in that fund represents some portions of people’s lives.

Government would do well to do the same. Every penny collected by tax revenue is sacred, and those who write budgets and spend the money have a solemn and sacred duty to spend it very wisely, or not at all, because it represents people’s lives.


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