What the Left Wants in Wisconsin


Death threats, break-ins to the capitol building, riot police called into protect the republican legislators, and general mayhem reign in the Wisconsin capitol. Is this really what the left wants?

Apparently so. See, the liberal ideology that says it is fine to take from one person their rightfully earned property and give it to another simply for want, is an ideology of force and violence. The left says their platitudes to fairness, rights, equality and discourse, but at the end of the day, violence is what carries their message home.

This is in stark contrast to the conservative message, which says to allow people to freely cooperate economically, without government interference. Conservatives understand what peace really is, and understand what it takes to maintain it. We also can show you all the instances of tyranny in our society, and the threats of violence and actual violence that accompany it, and how we want to end it.

I remember several years ago when I got interested in school board politics in Federal Way School District. An associate who was a teacher and I had a chat. I told the associate that I intended to bust the union, and allow teachers the same freedoms I enjoyed as a software developer. The associate broke into tears. She was legitimately scared of the union and the tactics they use to get their way despite the opinion of the teachers. She tried to get me to give it all up, because her job was at stake, and the teachers union would do far worse things to me and my family if we were successful.

If this is the strategy of the left, then maybe it’s time we let them try and execute on their threats of death and violence. They murder one of the republican legislators, we round up all the union members into a prison camp until we can find all those who have breathed out threatenings against their countrymen and hold them accountable. I’m sure Governor Walker has plans in case the violence escalate, and fortunately, I don’t see it being of any benefit to the left.


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