Do you feel safe disagreeing?


One of the characteristics of viewers of the Glenn Beck program is their disloyalty to Glenn Beck. Not that they oppose everything he says, but that they don’t agree with everything he says and are comfortable admitting to it. My first meeting with the Tacoma 9/12 group was surprising because, for a Glenn Beck fan club, it was rather pathetic in its lukewarm attitude towards Glenn Beck.

As I watch the unions in Wisconsin and across the country use intimidations and threats of violence on their political opponents, and as I wonder about the marked lack of such actions on account of the Tea Party, I am left to wonder whether leftists feel comfortable disagreeing with each other. Something that is so natural, even expected, on the right may not, after all, be so common on the left.

So my question to my readers who are not right-wingers: Do you feel comfortable disagreeing with the big voices and leaders in your movement? Would you feel comfortable standing against homosexual marriage, abortion, public sector unions, raising taxes, and liberating the economy through less regulation and spending? Would you feel comfortable quoting anything any of your political opponents have to say in a positive manner? Or do you fear that you may make some enemies or worse, get labeled as a right-wing extremist?

As for myself, I don’t think twice before voicing my concerns, because I know that as long as I don’t threaten anyone or come for their life or property, they normally won’t answer with violence.


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