I Am Not Going to Take Iodide


There is a threat that the nuclear byproducts of the Japanese reactors may blow through the wind all the way here at home.

There’s a report out that you should eat Iodide to reduce the chances of getting the radioactive material stuck in your body.

As for myself and my family, based on sound logic, reason, and science, I have chosen to do nothing. This isn’t bravado on my part, it’s just common sense.

One unit of measurement of radiation is the banana. Bananas, being naturally high in potassium, and potassium (K) being naturally radioactive, provides us with a useful, easily understood baseline radiation dosage. One banana would be the amount of radiation you expose yourself to by eating one banana.

Those who live near the reactors in Japan are probably exposed to one to ten extra bananas a day. Those who work in or near the reactor may expose themselves to hundreds of bananas. These are hardly unreasonable numbers. To compensate, I encourage those who live near the reactors and work near them to eat fewer bananas for the rest of their lives, and it will be almost as if nothing ever happened.

Those of us living downwind and across the Pacific Ocean have even less to worry about. Worst case scenario, we’re probably going to get one whole extra banana’s worth of radiation. To be honest, it’s probably worse to sit out in the sun for a few hours, on those rare days we get it, than the radiation we’ll get from Japan.

There is no need to be alarmed. Really, there isn’t. This is actually a really good time to think about radiation and what a dangerous world we live in. Human technology, exploiting the most powerful forces of nature, have created a device that can power entire cities, but at the cost of the risk of what’s happening now. And what’s the result? A banana’s worth of radiation. Mother nature, meanwhile, is doing far worse to us with the cosmic radiation and the natural radiation in the rocks around us.

We now know what a nuclear disaster looks like, and what the worst case scenario is in “modern” nuclear technology (modern being 40 years old technology). And knowing what we know now, I can absolutely say, with the utmost certainty, that even in the worst imaginable natural disaster, no strike that, in even a natural disaster worse than anything we imagined, and even when all systems failing, we are still wholly and completely safe.

It’s time to convert every power plant in our country to nuclear, and abandon coal and oil forever.


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