Let’s Give Peace a Chance


The violence along the borders of the United States in Mexico is heartbreaking. It, like the Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear problems, is breaking up families and destroying communities of innocent people. Unlike the Japanese earthquake, it is trivial to take decisive action to end the problem.

The people of the United States are, in a way, brothers to the people in Mexico. We share a border and a continent with these people. We share many common elements of history. We travel freely across their border and they travel freely across ours.

However, that relationship is being strained as the border is being used to smuggle drugs, guns, and criminals to and fro. It is not the United States who is allowing this to happen. On the contrary, we are expending considerable resources trying to limit the illicit flow of goods and people.

The Mexican government is clearly incapable of managing her border and her population. As a police chief who tried to resolve differences with the gangs who run the towns found out, there is no room for negotiation. Mexico does not have the military or police resources to end the violence either.

I propose an invasion of Mexico, hopefully with the Mexican government’s blessing. Sending our military into these gang-ravaged towns will bring peace and stability to a region of the world that has none. By suppressing those who use force with force, we give those who live by laws and in peace a chance to regain control. Once we have exterminated the gangs and brought all the conspirators to justice, and once the Mexican government has regained full civil authority, we can remove our troops.

This action will have a cost in human lives. Not only will we sacrifice our troops, but we will see many Mexicans killed as well. Some will be innocent bystanders, some will be those who are targeted by the gangs. Most will be those who intend to use violence to maintain their lifestyle and who use the drug trade to finance their operations.

But we are already paying a price in human lives. How many more individuals, families and communities need to be destroyed? How many more millions of dollars do we need to pour into border security? What are we willing to tolerate in terms of the body count, not only of our border patrol, but those trying to leave the violence?

Once we shut down the gangs along our border, then we can discuss whether we should end the drug problem by legalizing, taxing, and heavily regulating drugs. If there were no such thing as illegal drugs, then there would be no illegal drug trade. Those who try to make a buck off of the misery of others will have to do it the same way everyone else does—by legal competition within the law.


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