After trying to listen to President Obama’s overdue speech on why we are bombing Libya, I’ve come to realize that the man at the top of our country has no idea what he is doing.

When I was a child, I felt like America had a duty to protect everyone in the world from the dictators and tyrants. It was only upon realizing the magnitude of such a responsibility that I understood why we tack on the clause “and serves American interests.” Until the day we can fight wars without losing a single soldier, and such a war will economically benefit the US, either with the improved security or the future trading partner, we cannot under any circumstances involve ourselves militarily in foreign affairs.

When I understood this, I realized why foreign policy was the way it was. America threw its weight around in the world of words and contracts, and spent vast sums of money to do what we could not do militarily. It has always been a cautious balancing act, a balancing act that every international power has failed at since time immemorial.

President Obama’s new policy of attacking a country to protect the lives of the protesters despite our economic interests is utterly insane. If he could have simply labeled the national interests in the conflict that overrode the ultimate cost in life and treasure, he could have at least made some sense on the topic. As it is, we are fighting, apparently, to show the world that we are no longer the superpower entrusted by destiny to rule the world.

There are other countries we should be bombing under Barack Obama’s logic. At the top of the list is Iran and North Korea. At the very least, deposing the Iranian government and throwing them into a civil war will benefit our security for generations to come. Eliminating North Korea as a viable threat would also allow a huge portion of our military investment to be reallocated, or brought back home to balance the titanic deficit we face today. Instead, we are spending hundreds of millions of dollars a day, and risking American lives, to topple a two-bit dictator in a corner of the world that Europe cares about far more than we ever could hope to.

If Obama’s real intention is to knock America off its pedestal, then he is doing a fine job. How this will help America, however, is a mystery to everyone. I certainly don’t want to live in a country where our security and prosperity is dependent on us begging other countries.


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