Why We Must Impeach Obama


Rep. McClintock points out that Pres. Obama, like Julius Ceasar crossing the Rubicon, crossed a very bright constitutional line. That line was the line that required the president to get approval from congress before initiating military action that doesn’t directly protect our country.

The more I look at the Libya action, the more I realize what is going on here. This is another opportunity for Pres. Obama to destroy the constitution, the same way his heroes FDR and LBJ did so long ago. He’s trying to create the presidential office he wished he had, which is nothing short of a tyrant who can do what he likes to the world and the American people.

Republicans in the house must send a message to the office of the presidency that such military action is not tolerated by impeaching Obama. This will send a message to future presidents that no matter how badly they want to through our military assets around, they have to get approval from congress first, just like the constitution says. If we allowed Clinton the same privilege in invading Kosovo, then we need to ensure we take dramatic action now to end the pattern before it is set in stone.

Make the impeachment solely about crossing this one line, and ensure that future generations won’t live under a tyrant like Julius Caesar.


One Response to “Why We Must Impeach Obama”

  1. ROGER D SMART Says:

    I too, believe that President Obama should be impeached! He is actually, or has torn this country apart, and from his view, He probably hasn’t finished. He is no doubt, the worst President this country has ever had. People of this country;Wake up!!!! He has in the past, had late and closed doors meetings with his croonies, and most of the people of the USA doesn’t believe its happening. Quit being naieve people! This President is trying ad getting away with making a radical change to the United States. Do you want this? I certainly don’t.
    Look at what he was trying to do with “ObamaCare”. He simply doesn’t understand how these United States works. Why? Beccause he was not born in this country, and he paid someone to do all the dastardly deeds to cover up his birth nation.
    I, personally think this man is “evil and has something to do with the Anti-Christ.

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