Are Muslims Animals?


I do not think Muslims are animals, but apparently a lot of people do.

When Pastor Terry Jones burned a Koran, there were riots in the Islamic world where many people were killed. The finger of blame, according to many, points to Pastor Terry Jones.

The reasoning is as follows. Pastor Terry Jones provoked the Muslims into a murderous rampage. The Muslims fell for his trick, and started a murderous rampage. So Pastor Jones caused the deaths.

The only way you can accept this reasoning is if you believe that Muslims are sub-human animals. Clearly, a thinking and responsible adult would take some time to consider whether going on a murderous rampage was wise. Having chosen to do so, the adult would be condemned for his actions, not the provocateur.

This is not a bit different than people on the left who consider people with different shades of skin color to be incapable of making responsible choices and leading a successful life. That’s why they believe we should treat them like cattle and give them food, shelter, and medical care.

If you agree with the leftists that Muslims are incapable of acting like responsible adults, then you should proudly wear the racist label, because that’s what you are. If, instead, you agree with me that Muslims are just as capable as acting responsibly as Western European Christians, then you need to condemn those whose violence leads directly to the death of many innocent people in the Middle East, and you need to condemn the religion that calls for violence in the name of their God.


4 Responses to “Are Muslims Animals?”

  1. Dr. Kwame M. Brown Says:

    Neither is true – the religion does not call for violence – only those that twist it’s meaning do. And I agree with you that there are many racist leftist. Each person is responsible for their own actions. That is something Islam DOES teach.

    Islam promotes violence no more than Christianity does – The Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the KKK, the current indoctrination of US soldiers that they are on the side of God, etc.

    There are those who twist religion to their own ends – and it is a lot easier to indoctrinate those in desperate situations (this is a fact). There are more people in desperate, destitute situations in the Middle East than here in the US – THAT is what precipitates the violence.

    This is why the KKK got such a hold among poor whites. Same thing man.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Except the KKK was hardly born of religious differences. The KKK was the activist wing of the Democratic Party after the Republicans took control of the federal government and made it clear that the states would no longer be allowed to discriminate against the black people.

      I take a bit of an issue with your statement that Islam doesn’t call for violence. I am ready to agree that there are two sects of Islam out there, one which is peaceful and coexists peacefully with those of other faiths. There is also another sect of Islam that calls for violence daily, not just against infidels but of followers of Islam who happen to disagree with them. This form of Islam most certainly does call for violence in the most horrific and persistent way possible. This religion, not the peaceful Islam, but the violent one, must be eliminated by minimizing the influence of its disciples and practitioners.

  2. The Mindset Says:

    people will stop burning Koran if Muslims will stop bombing our cities.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      I must disagree with this tit-for-tat mentality.

      If someone bombs a city, the correct response is to hunt them down and kill them, along with any other physical threats.

      It is not correct to respond with less than the same violence they show you or intend to show you.

      Now, in polite society, or if you feel so inclined as an individual, you can show mercy and forgiveness, and indeed, the Law of Christ requires it. But the same does not work in war.

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