Israel’s Restraint


Had Mexico fired rockets into our country. it would cease to exist as a nation.

Israel recently received another “gift” from Hamas, the government of the Palestinian territories. Israel’s response is a moderate invasion aimed at disabling the ability of the Palestinians to attack Israel.

Why they have not occupied Palestine and removed the current government by force is beyond me. Why they do not invade if a single threat is muttered or a flag is stomped is also a mystery.

If we want to solve the problems Israel faces with radical Islam, then we should allow Israel to act according to their conscience in securing their liberty. Because Hamas is supported by Iran, they should have invaded and toppled Iran long ago. Since Iran is our mutual enemy, then we should both invade together.

Yes, the presence of Israel in the Middle East is salt in the wound of the radical Islamists. Let the salt rub in that wound until the radical Islamists are dead.


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