Truth vs. Manufactured Reality


One of the most interesting features of the left today is their ability to be so sure about so many thing that are obviously wrong.

The latest example is the supreme court race in Wisconsin. Wasn’t Gov. Walker destroying the republican’s political image by taking the unions on? If you read any leftist’s writings, you’d have thought that the people had already tied him to a post and lit a nice bonfire under him. And yet, the incumbent, conservative candidate wins.

I think it takes a special kind of personality to be a leftist today. I am sure there are leftists who at least admit that reality is quite a bit different than what their people are saying reality is. Maybe there are a few who can admit that the vast majority of leftist ideas have been wholly rejected by the American voter of today. I mean, we’re talking about how deeply to cut the federal government now, and whether we should allow any deficit at all. We’re actually cutting money from welfare and entitlement programs as we speak, and there are no revolts in the street or mass uprisings against the republicans.

There was a time, and it’s probably still true today, when leftists believed they could manufacture the truth. A special combination of public relations combined with misleading reports by key government officials would be enough to completely pull the wool over the public’s eyes. Nowadays, there are too many sources of information that the American people read for anyone to hope to control the distribution of information. Propaganda must compete with propaganda, and it appears that people are more interested in finding out the truth behind things than accepting their own side’s take on the issues. I find even myself hesitant to accept anything our highest elected official in the land, Speaker Boehner, has to say. Skepticism is the rule nowadays, not blind acceptance.

I think I see a day when leftism fails altogether, and the debate in American politics is how conservative we should be. The real political debate that has any affect on future policies is the debate happening right now between the Tea Party Republicans and the Establishment Republicans in the House of Representatives. The left in this country has been completely excluded from this debate, and their mad ravings are all but completely ignored except by a few excitable people here and there who never mattered anyway.

As evidenced by Paul Ryan’s budget, the happy compromise between the two factions is a budget that grows more slowly than interest. Perhaps after 2012, the debate will shift to how small we should actually shrink government.

It’s a good time to be a conservative. The very fact that almost all of our political ideas are based on scientific observation of human nature means that our debate will always win out in the war of ideas.


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