Why We Can’t Feed the Children


One of the budget items that got cut during the latest budget battle were some welfare items, such as funding to help feed children nutritious food. Of course, the people on the left are howling at the moon that such an important item can be cut, while the military receives more money.

Their reasoning is that the only way the children can ever be helped is with government largess. They refuse to accept the reality of the situation that no country has ever had enough money to help its own poor, not even America, and that America is flat-out broke and will never be able to satisfy its obligations.

Before you say I am a heartless, cruel person I believe the poor should be helped. I believe that if we do not use our money and talents to help the poor, we will be thrown in hell, and incapable of reaping any reward in heaven. The punishment for not helping the poor is much worse than watching the poor suffer.

I also believe that the responsibility to help the poor is an individual responsibility. That’s why I give a significant portion of my income to help the poor, and I make sure all of my donations go to organizations that give 100% of the money to help the poor. I plan on using whatever surplus wealth I generate to help the poor, but not just help them get the food they need. I intend to see the poor become rich, all of them, not just a few, by helping them learn the principles of personal responsibility.

The federal, state, and local governments should have no role in helping the poor. Why? Because no matter how high taxes are and how many resources they devote to helping the poor, it will never be enough. In fact, by having the government establish programs designed to help the poor, they are actually hurting the poor, especially when these programs are administered as if the poor deserved what they receive from the government and they can count on the government to be there for every crisis they run into. By teaching the poor to be reliant on the government, they are only teaching the poor to be slaves to someone else. If that’s the kind of society you want to live in, then by all means, continue to expand the welfare state.

The important issue we face today is that the money to help the poor does not exist. Our country is so deeply in debt that we cannot ever pay our obligations. The $14 trillion in debt on the books doesn’t even compare to the vast sum that isn’t on the books, but must be there if we ever hope to continue Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid. (Estimates range from $60 trillion to $100 trillion in unfunded mandates.) When you are in this position, you are flat out broke, and you must reform your obligations sooner rather than later.

Let’s say I have an uncle, Uncle Sam, who promised to pay me $5,000 in five years. Let’s say that Uncle Sam’s finances are so terrible that I know, for a fact, that the best I could ever hope for is $3,000, and only if I paid $2,000 in cash to him for it. At this point, does it make any sense to ask Uncle Sam to send a few bucks to help the starving children? Uncles Sam doesn’t realize it yet, but very soon, he will be in the same poor house, holding his cup out hoping for some charity. If he doesn’t have enough money to feed himself, how can he feed the poor?

Our federal, state, and local governments were never meant to be the charitable wing of our society. These governments were meant for warfare, justice, and other harsh things where we have to beat up bad people. The charitable wing of our society is and always will be our churches and societies, funded by individual contributions.

We can feed the children, all of them, nutritious food. We just can’t do it with the government.


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