End Medicare Now


One of the biggest complaints the left is forming about the Ryan Budget, that just passed the house in a quick, decisive vote, is that it defunds Medicare.

They play off of an obvious logical fallacy. They pretend that either seniors have their health care funded by the Federal Government, or they will be left out in the streets to die. If you’re having a hard time seeing the logical fallacy here, I’ll name it for you: False Dilemma. The bottom line is that every senior citizen, and soon to retire senior citizen, has more options than dying or accepting Federal aid.

Those among the senior age can turn to their families, their churches, the many public charities, and even the local communities for help. If Medicare did not exist, they would still receive medical treatment.

In fact, the very existence of Medicare is what is driving up the cost of medical care in the first place. Because doctors and pharmaceutical companies know that they don’t have to ask the senior citizens for a dime, they can charge as much as they want for their services. In many cases, they are required to provide services that they know are not necessary. Eliminating the bureaucracy of Medicare would likely improve the service our senior citizens receive, but also reduce the price as there will now be a price pressure and a strong incentive to provide superior health care for a reduced price.

Secondly, the cut in Medicare accepts the reality that already exists. Medicare is already cut whether the Ryan Budget cuts it or not. The simple reason is because there will never be money to pay for it, and there is nothing we can do about it.

If the Federal Government passed a budget that completely eliminated the Medicare fund, and all attached regulations and regulatory bodies, and stopped collecting medicare taxes (and they are tax, not a deposit!), we as a country would be much better off than the position we are in. The fact of the matter is we are trying to live a lie. The longer we try to perpetuate the lie, the more damage will be done when we realize the truth. Yes, many people’s lives would be disrupted, and likely a lot of people may die. (Who knows whether they would have died under Medicare? Regardless, the Medicare cuts will receive the blame in popular media.) But the longer we lie to ourselves and to our senior citizens, the more damage will be done with Medicare finally collapses and no one gets any medical care.


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