Fundamentals of Conservativism


I’ve been watching as the world seems to grow even more crazy, even here at home in the states. It really does remind me what the nation looked like before the Civil War. We are at a point where communication between the opposite ends of the political spectrum is completely lost.

Those of you who hail from the left side, let me help you understand why your arguments do not work, even a little bit, in convincing conservatives. You argue out of passion: hatred, anger, and disgust. You think of those of you who think differently than you as sub-human, even less than our nation’s mortal enemies. You despise us in a special way that you cannot find yourself despising those who are now plotting your murder and ultimate demise.

We on the right side have had enough of this garbage. This is not what politics is supposed to be about. Come at us with logic and reason. Try to persuade us. Don’t think that your petty attacks and insults will convince anyone. Even if you are successful in convincing anyone, you will only do so at the cost of civility.

Be honest about your intentions. Do you want to see health care for all? Do you want to equalize the classes, so that we have no rich or poor? Do you want to see everyone have enough and to spare? Do you not realize that we, on the right, share the exact same goal?

Do you understand our methods and calculations in achieving what I just claimed? Or are you too bitter and too close-minded to consider that maybe someone can have a different thought, and maybe that thought may, perhaps, be superior to your own?

Let me explain to you what Conservatives believe.

First, we share a lot with your political beliefs. We believe in compassion, and love, and duty. We believe that there is a universal right and wrong, and no one can redefine what that right and wrong is. We believe that these eternal values surpass our own mortal lives and whatever institutions we may ever create. We owe ourselves, and are held accountable only to ourselves, to live up to our greatest potential, individually, exercising every ounce of free will and power we can lay our hands upon to usher in a utopic society where wrong fails and right prevails.

Unlike you, we believe some very different things about human nature. We believe that we are all flawed, every one of us, including myself, including George Washington, including any person to walk this earth save Jesus Christ. But we are fine with this. We know that with rules, with order, with structure, it is possible to negate the wrong choices we make and multiply the good choices we make. We believe that the world is already set up in a way that those who pursue the right are rewarded the bounties of life, and that those who falter attain no such reward.

Yes, the “natural” way of things, the law that governs every action, the law by which we are all ultimately bound, tighter than the laws of physics or chemistry or biology, are ultimately structured in a way that those who do right are rewarded, and those who do something else obtain nothing good.

That’s why we work. That’s why we marry, and raise children, and sacrifice our own lives in treasure and time to serve our fellow man. That’s why we build churches, and fill those churches, and worship the Almighty Creator. We know that we, if left to our own devices, will not be able to obtain many good things. It is only by looking up to the highest possible standards, and measuring ourselves, individually, against that standard that we can hope to obtain the best things.

Our government is only one part of our society. Even more important than the government is the individual, his choices and characteristics and talents and traits. Even more important than the government is the family, bound together in love and fidelity. Even more important than the government is our churches, which exist to teach us right from wrong, and to keep our eyes looking upward. Even more important than the government are our civic societies, like the Boy Scouts and other organizations. Even more important than government is our companies, those institutions built to create the wealth we need to provide for our families. Even more important than the government is our society. Government sits at the lowest rung, the servant of servants, the slave we hold bound in shackles and chains whose freedom is restricted to those few things which it and it alone can do.

Do you not see the fallacy of empowering flawed people as our masters, giving them the controls of our armies and police forces? Why would you want anyone to have power over you? Do you not preach equality? Well, what of the equality of the governed and the governors? In your political and economic proposals, you run roughshod over every other institution of our society to elevate government above all.

You shout: Government should educate our children! Government should care for our elderly! Government should feed the poor! Government should build houses, find jobs, develop new technologies, bail out failed companies! Government should equalize the inequality in our society!

No, parents should educate their children. Children should care for their parents. The poor should be fed by the rich. All these things are not the responsibility of the government.

I can list in a few words what the government should do. Organize our militia (that’s you and me) against our common enemies into a united, well-regulated body of efficient killing machines. Organize our laws and economy so that people can easily trade and barter with each other. Organize our criminal justice system so that people are not wrongfully punished for crimes they did not commit, neither are the guilty let free. Outside of these things, government is unnecessary, even pointless.

Now, debate. Explain why I am wrong, and why government should be our master, and we its slave. Explain to me why the greatest country on God’s earth, which became great because it subjugated its government as its servant, should allow government to become its master.


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