“All Men Are Created Equal”


Leftists like to use the phrase “all men are created equal” in our Declaration of Independence. When they do, they usually mean the exact opposite of what the phrase really means.

See, if you believed “all men are created equal”, then you wouldn’t have to treat any one person any different than any other, in the eyes of the law. That’s because they are not different—they are equal.

But to the leftist, they interpret this to mean, “The Creator screwed up. He meant to make all men equal, but he didn’t, so it’s our job to create a government that forces everyone to be equal.” Redistribution of wealth, common education, racial profiling, etc, are all examples of this.

I can understand why they need to twist this phrase around to mean the exact opposite. After all, if all men are created equal, then we wouldn’t have any of our socialist programs or policies, we wouldn’t treat black people different than white people at the government level, and we wouldn’t look at people’s incomes or assets before setting tax rates.


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