Obama’s Birth Certificate


First, there are a lot of questions that I find intriguing that I would need answers to before I am completely satisfied. Even with the release of the certificate of live birth, I am not satisfied.

Second, I don’t care. It’s not important. Let’s suppose all the conspiracy theories are true, and Obama is a citizen of Kenya or Indonesia or Britain, or that he is a secret Muslim, or whatever. You know what? It really doesn’t matter. So I’m not going to spend a lot of time trying to find satisfaction about his birth or his citizenship.

The reason why it doesn’t matter is because even if you had concrete, absolute evidence that Obama is not what he says he is, there is no legal remedy except impeachment. Do you really think the republicans in the House will impeach, and the senate will convict before Jan 21, 2013?

Given the above, what should we do? We focus on politics, for the purpose of winning elections. We position ourselves and our allies as the only reasonable choice in November of 2012. We explain how the policies of our opponents–both within and without our own party–are destroying America. Then we propose policies that will reverse the destruction of America and set us on a path of perpetual prosperity.

Where does Obama’s citizenship or birth certificate fall in line with the above? It doesn’t align at all. Our political movement is much bigger than one man, let alone one man who is working against us.

The news for the day is stagflation. The word is that we ran out of money a long time ago, and it doesn’t matter how high we raise the debt limit, there is no more money to borrow. The word is that Social Security and Medicare have already been cut by reality, and we are only lying to the elderly if we pretend that bringing the books to align with what will really happen is going to hurt them any more than they are already hurt but do not realize. The news for the day is that we have got to find a way to pay off the debt before our children become adults. That leaves us about a decade—ten years—to settle our debt. The reason why is because it is not fair to them for us to borrow against their future.

If you allow the conversation to focus on the birth certificate, then we will not be on our strongest foot. If someone talks about his birth certificate, respond with the dollar falling 17% in the last year, and 1.8% growth, and ask them whether the birth certificate is important when more than 20% of our people cannot find jobs, and our proportion of working to non-working citizens is at a very, very low level. Is the birth certificate going to restore our credit rating to AAA, or is it going to get jobs for people who are losing their homes?


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