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Why It’s Important the Osama bin Laden is Dead at Our Hands

May 3, 2011

The Muslims are a spiritual folk, believing that their God, Allah, will support them as they act according to the tenets of their religion.

The Radical Muslims, the Islamo-fascists who want to impose their religion on the rest of the world with force, and who use terrorism as if it were sanctioned by their God to do so, aren’t any different.

The fact that Osama bin Laden was killed by our troops, under orders from our president, is an important one that the Radical Muslims are scurrying to explain away.

I hope that the special forces who killed Osama were Christians and Jews, infidels and dogs in the eyes of the Radical Muslims. I hope we also had an atheist in there for good measure. Imagine: the leader of your religious movement was killed by the very enemy he claimed God would support him against.

The Muslim religion doesn’t have the same type of martyrdom culture as the Christian religion. In the Christian religion, power is demonstrated through fearlessness in death, because it is believed that through Christ, the faithful will conquer death and overcome all evil—not in this life, but at some future point when Christ returns in power. When someone quietly goes to their slaughter like Jesus did to his, they are demonstrating solidarity with Christ and his teachings. If the person is truly free from guilt or sin, then the victim’s death sends a powerful message to that nation, that although you may kill the body, the soul will live on. One day, the murderers will have to account for their sins, with the martyr accusing them. There is no great relief after such a martyrdom.

To us, Osama bin Laden was a monster, a worshiper of the cult of Satan, who stirs people up to all sorts of evil acts, such as murdering innocent people, torturing others, and lopping the heads off of still others. Osama bin Laden stood at the head of an organization we as a country have identified with pure evil. Before we invaded Afghanistan, we reeled in shock and horror as little girls were abused, sacred statues were destroyed, and people’s rights were continually violated. We watched in anger as we heard about people being dragged into soccer stadiums to be executed for crimes wholly unworthy of death—being caught alone with a girl, wearing a beard that was too short or not the right shape, or perhaps saying something that contradicted the teachings of the religious leaders.

When we finally invaded Afghanistan, under the pretense of finding and killing Osama bin Laden and disrupting the Taliban, we secretly hoped that we would be able to end the barbarism and perhaps give those people some degree of freedom they did not enjoy before. We cheered when we heard that girls were allowed to go to school again, that men were free to wear their beards however they liked, and that no religious authority could order someone’s death because they happened to disagree.

To us, we have destroyed a tool of the devil himself. We fancy he is in some dark place right now, being tortured by his sins. We joke about how he is being punished with the very punishments he proscribed to others. We long for many centuries for continual punishment at the hands of a grotesque creature who enjoys other’s pain.

To us, we have demonstrated that once again, good always triumphs over evil, as long as we work according to the principles of righteousness. We have done what ancient civilizations, from Alexander’s empire to Britain’s, have longed to do: reach out, and punish those who fight against law and order and common decency.

To them, they have lost their leader, they have been humiliated once again, and they know that they will be humiliated again and again, as long as we pursue them. Let the new Al Qaeda #1 try to find shelter in Pakistan or whatever country will welcome him. Let our special forces and military intelligence hunt him down and slaughter him as we did Osama bin Laden and so many of his lieutenants. Let hem be humiliated until it is obvious that their God sleeps, and ours is alive.

On the politics of it all, since Obama has continued the Bush/Cheney policies, and since we cannot expect a more liberal president at any point in the future, there is no hope for the Taliban that the will of the American people will crumble.