Lawlessness Will Destroy Us


There is a new method used to rob stores known as “swarm”. A group of young black men swarm into a store, take what they want and leave, without paying of course.

This kind of thing demonstrates how our society is crumbling before our very eyes. Respecting other people’s property, whether they are rich or poor, black or white, is fundamental to our economy.

There are a couple of ways that store owners will respond to this, all of them having negative effects on our economy because they cost money and increase the cost of buying and selling goods.

First, they can simply shut their store down and go home. This certainly doesn’t help people who like to shop locally, and it eliminates a few jobs in the process.

Or, they can beef their security, either by hiring armed guards or t raining their store personnel how to carry and lawfully use firearms. Of course, there is the chance of this thing turning violent. Our experience with criminals is that they are usually very timid people and will avoid an encounter if they can. Regular customers may also feel intimidated.

Perhaps they can change the way you shop. In the 1800’s, stores had their stocks behind a counter. Clerks would pull the items you wanted in the quantities you wanted, and then collect the money before letting you handle the goods. This is, of course, much less efficient than the system we use today, where people are free to move about the store and handle the merchandise, but it makes theft more difficult, because the clerks are on one side of a long counter, and likely have weapons concealed.

Of course, the best solution is to simply teach people that stealing is wrong, wrong for the criminal and especially wrong for the victim. We need to teach people that rather than spend their time in crime, they should turn their attention to productive behaviors that benefit the people around them. If these young black men spent as much time trying to come up with ways to lawfully make money as they spend on organizing crime sprees, I am sure they would be far more wealthy than they are today.

But that’s not what we teach our youth. The message from the Obama Administration to young black men is that the world’s problems are caused by rich white people, and the only way to move forward is to punish them, confiscate their wealth, and give it to those who need it most. The Obama Administration also teaches our youth that productive behaviors that produce profits are bad and need to be punished with high taxes.

If a young black male actually gets the idea in his head that he can make money by helping people out, he’ll quickly run into the twin roadblocks of excessive regulations and high taxes in the areas where they tend to live. What happens if a young black man opens a shoe-shine stall on the sidewalk in front of a skyscraper or at a train shop? What if he bought a hot dog cart and tried to sell hot dogs in the city? Or what if he offered to provide a service, such as cleaning up the streets around a particular area of the city? In all of these cases, he’d run into roadblocks from government. He may even end up in jail for the crime of not conducting business in exactly the way the government expects him to.

You can see why in today’s environment young black men turn to crime. Anything they do to try and work their way out of poverty is likely to be met with jail time anyway, so they might as well do something that’s easier and morally wrong.

If we truly want to help the poor climb out of poverty, then we’d establish our economy as a free market one, where people are free to do what they like as long as they respect other’s property. We’d eliminate practically all the regulations on the books, except those which obviously make business easier to conduct, even for poor and under educated people. We’d reduce our tax rates until they barely exist—much lower than the current 50% rates we charge successful businesses. We’d build our education system such that self-determination is emphasized, not the government dole. We’d eliminate all of the entitlement programs and instead emphasize that no one owes anyone anything, and only by the sweat of your brow can you expect to get bread to eat.

The cities of America in the early 1900’s were largely lawless, disorganized places where the governments were small and distant. Police forces were tiny compared to what they are today. Rudyard Kipling commented that he felt more safe in the African wilderness than in any American city. But it was exactly this kind of environment where the poor rose from absolute poverty to the highest levels of wealth in the history of the world. Yes, life was hard, and people didn’t have many luxuries. But they had the opportunity to make their own opportunities, and no one could hold them back. Because of that, the poor in America were richer than the middle class in Europe. They had running water in their apartments, with modern luxuries such as heaters and toilets. Their lifestyle was better than the lifestyle communists of that day imagined for their comrades, which was why communists had a hard time organizing the “oppressed” masses of America into a revolution.

When we allow people to govern themselves, and when we allow them the dignified right to own their own life and property, then they will always surprise us with their ingenuity and dedication. If we only give these ideas lip service, and treat them like little children incapable of lifting a finger for themselves, then we end up with what we have today.


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