Romney Wins the Nomination


Almost by default, there are no clear challengers to Mitt Romney for the Republican Party nomination.

With the news that Newt and Huckabee are out, and Chris Christie refusing to run, leaving only a few others in the mix, none of whom ran a campaign of any effect for the 2008 nomination, Romney is now the default winner.

I don’t think Romney could’ve asked for a better setup: Not so easy that no challenger of any significance steps forward, but not so hard that his nomination is in question. The primary debates will be engaging and interesting. His primary opponents will be vying for the 2020 nomination by being the most successful also-ran. Their messages will be focused on America’s future and Obama’s destruction of our economy, along with his inability to do anything meaningful with his failed Marxist policies.

Romney also broke a new record: the most money raised in a single day: more than $10 million. Remember when Ron Paul’s supporters used to brag about their $1 million money bombs? Romney just broke that by a factor of 10. He’s likely to raise much, much more money.

One more bit of news: Obama supporters are defecting to Romney. The most prominent one to date is Cindy Crawford, who helped with the recent successful money bomb.

People who are throwing in with Romney know that they need to spend over a billion dollars to take down Obama. This is going to be the first presidential campaign where neither candidate accepts federal funds, and both campaigns pull out the stops in a nationwide political campaign. States that normally wouldn’t be in play will be.


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