Obama Proposes Giving Jerusalem to Hamas


Many thousand years ago, the city of Jerusalem was conquered by the hands of the future king of Israel, David. Jerusalem was one of the many cities left in the land God had promised the children of Israel that were not occupied by the children of Israel. During David’s reign, he conquered many other cities.

I don’t know exactly why Jerusalem was chosen as King David’s city, or why the temple of Solomon was built there, and subsequent temples rebuilt there. I do know, however, that the city has a special history and future, according to the scriptures.

President Obama today proposed that Israel give control of Jerusalem to Hamas, an unrepentant terrorist group. Why he would propose giving a terrorist group anything more than what we gave Osama bin Laden is a mystery to me.

Does Barack Obama understand that the temple is to be rebuilt on the temple mount in Jerusalem in preparation for the Second Coming? Does he not know that the entire religions of Judaism and Christianity are waiting, eagerly, for this event?

If Hamas took control of Jerusalem, it would start a religious war that would have an end only over the dead bodies of Hamas, and the recapture, by military means in necessary, of that sacred city. With Jerusalem under Israel’s control, or at least partially, there is hope that one day there might be enough peace, meaning the Muslims won’t be in such a murderous rage, that the Jewish people can rebuild their ancient temple.

Biblical prophecy is quite clear on the subject. Those who are friends of Israel gain the protection of God. Those who fight Israel will fall before Israel. In the last days, Israel will go through the gentiles like a lion. If we have aligned our politics in such a way that the only free democracy where people actually have the right to worship however they please, and can conduct commerce without fear with people of different faiths is the target of our animosity, it is clear what we have become.

Thankfully, President Obama is a complete and utter disaster. Jimmy Carter will go down in history as the second worst president in the entire history of our country thanks to Obama. Any future presidents have a very, very low bar to pass under if they want to steal the title away from Obama.

This means that President Obama’s proposal, like his budgets, is received with half the people wondering if he’s serious, and the other half laughing at the entire administration.

I join those who laugh at this proposal. It is simply absurd. No one would go for it, not even Hamas. Do you think once they obtain Jerusalem they will suddenly change their hearts and decide that maybe Jews aren’t pigs and dogs and should be allowed to live alongside them?

Those of you who are consumed with anti-Zionist rage, I ask you: Will you continue to allow yourselves to be jerked around by your puppet masters who are seeking genocide? Or will you wake up and observe the facts for what they are, and admit that in no case, never, has the modern state of Israel ever initiated violence against any people, except in self-defense.


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