Our Decayed Morals


Our collective moral code is very, very different from the moral code our parents were born into.

In some ways, there has been improvements. Compared us to them, and racism isn’t really an issue anymore. We prefer, overwhelmingly, merit-based systems instead of systems based on seniority or some other pointless distinguishing factor. We are more skeptical, we tend to have a better grasp of basic scientific concepts, and we’re more tolerant.

But along the way, we’ve lost a few things.

We don’t value sexual purity anymore. Promiscuity before marriage, and infidelity in marriage seem to be the norm, if you believe popular culture. Lying, cheating, and stealing aren’t really that bad, as long as you are lying to, cheating, and stealing from people who don’t deserve it (as if we are able to judge worthiness.) Life is losing value, shown by our lack of willingness to get married, raise families, and put children above all else.

We lack humility, reverence, respect. We don’t even know what the word “meek” means anymore. We don’t focus our lives around impossible ideals. We have no God but ourselves.

Our language is coarse. Our ideas simple. Our vocabulary rapidly diminishing. Our knowledge of history and other cultures (beyond superficial facts) is all but gone.

We combine politics with religion and science, something our grandfathers knew to keep separate. Our state religion is atheism. We worship scientists and we are taught not to question expert opinion, although we question every other authority.

Of course, I am not speaking about individuals, I am talking collectively. I can’t deny that the culture I live and work in is all of the above. If you can’t detect my disapproving tone, then you aren’t paying attention.

What shall be done? Simply put, put God back in His place. You don’t have to be a genius to see why setting God, the ultimate embodiment of all that is good, just, and merciful, as the center of our lives is the most important thing we can do. Glenn Beck is absolutely right about this. It doesn’t matter what religion you belong to, if any, or even whether you actually believe such a being exists. What’s most important is we focus our individual lives around these permanent ideals.

From there, we will find it clear that things like respect for life, liberty and property is important. Without us rendering our duty to respect each other’s rights, we have no rights that will not be infringed upon.

Set life as the priority. Marry. Raise a family. Have 5 kids, or maybe 10. Stay married, don’t get divorced. Work things out with your spouse. Live and learn. Raise your children to be outstanding, honorable children.

Sexual activity—that thing which brings life into the world—should be preserved for the marital relationship. We know, scientifically, that there is a deep, emotional bond formed with sexual activity. Is it any wonder that sexual deviance from chastity leads to broken homes? We should use that deep, emotional bond to strengthen the marriage vow, and commit the loving couple into long-term, eternal fidelity. That means we begin a purge of our culture. All elements which detract from sexual chastity should be removed and erased. We shouldn’t give a dime to any author, writer, or actor who creates for us stories that exalt sexual immorality. We shouldn’t elevate them, but we should explain what they are doing by portraying sex the way they do.

Live your life with honor. Look up what “meek” means. It doesn’t mean weak. It means quiet, gentle, submissiveness. Submissive to what? Our eternal, unchanging ideals. Respect, honor, dignity are things that take hard work. We should develop these attributes, encourage the development in others, and elevate these as more important than their opposites.

Separate the political from the religious and the scientific. Politics corrupts everything it touches. Keep it isolated to those things with which it must be involved, but no more. That means we don’t use politics to further our favorite religion, whether it be Christian or Atheist. That means we don’t have political solutions to scientific problems. That really means limited government, government which is incapable of influencing in the smallest degree our religious or scientific culture.

Let’s stop stealing from each other. Using the government to take from someone else and give to yourself is wrong, and it will always be wrong. Either you render a service at market prices for which the government compensates you, or you get nothing. You have no claim to anything of anyone else’s. The rich owe you nothing.

I doubt the message will be heard. These ideas are, of course, completely contrary to everything we live in today. But our culture is really a sum of its parts. If the vast majority of the people acted with honor, refused to steal, and cherished life and virtue, then our culture would be identified with those traits.

So take these messages into your own heart, apply them to your own life, and live as an example to others. That’s all you can do, after all.


3 Responses to “Our Decayed Morals”

  1. Jason Gardner Says:

    On morals, I think a good handy rule for morals is:

    “That which is good increases order and that which is bad decreases order.”

    In other words, chaos is bad and harmony is good.

    For example, sexual purity is a moral good because in-tact families with known fathers increases the orderliness of society. Similarly, if a man can’t be sure of paternity, or the woman has a child with whatever random dude happens to be in town, the child is born in chaos and therefore it is morally bad.

    Similarly, work that increases order (like building the interstate highway system) is moral and honorable work whilst work that increases chaos, such as getting people hooked on drugs, is morally bad. (Purdue Pharma/Sackler brothers/Oxy Contin are evil, no matter what free market theories you ascribe to.)

    So Balfour Beatty construction is good free market, as they increase order with heavy construction work, and Sunny Delight is evil because it starts kids down the road to being fatties and type 2 diabetics.

    I use these examples because they show that the free market in itself is not a moral good. It is a tool, like a shovel. Can be used to tend the garden or bury the neighbor.

    A good example is cigarette advertising. At the turn of the last century there was a social taboo against women using tobacco. “Innovative” marketing intertwined tobacco use in women with women’s liberation. The result is countless cases of women dying of tobacco related ailments that wouldn’t have if the social taboo was not tampered with.

    I hope you can see this is bad. Perhaps millions of mothers, daughters and sisters dying early due to marketing campaigns definitely increased the chaos of the universe. Bad stuff.

    In fairly tales they often use phrases such as “the people lived in harmony” and revere the just ruler as one that has a orderly and fair society. People crave order. They want to tame the wilderness and create a just society. That is our nature.

    I challenge you to use that rule and see if it works out.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      I agree that order is generally good. But order can be taken to extremes. The same with chaos. It’s not inherently bad, and can sometimes be used for good, but too much chaos is obviously bad.

      The Buddhists would tell you that there is a balance between order and disorder, and I agree. The question is where is that balance?

      Trying to assign one virtue as the universal definition of good simply doesn’t work. Anything can be taken to extremes. Even balance can be taken to an extreme.

  2. Jason Gardner Says:

    Yeah, you’re right. Absolute order is tyranny. It would be hell on earth.

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