50 Cent Gang


An Australian ABC reporter does an investigation in China about the underground Christian movement there. He notices he’s being followed by the same group of people, and then confronts them. Their reaction is priceless.

I installed an add-on in my Firefox, gTranslate, and started going through the comments on YouTube. Most of the Chinese comments are vicious attacks on their state police and spy agencies, calling them scum, garbage, and the whole problem with China.

A few commenters chimed in that the Western media is trying to undermine the whole system of government in China, so that the West can feed like vultures on the chaos that will ensue.

The comments respond to these posts calling them “50 cents”. Of course, they can’t mean the American rap idol! Looking up the slang for that particular Chinese phrase, I discovered that there is something called the 五毛党 — the 50 cent party. They are a bunch of commenters throughout the internet paid 50 cents to post in support of the Chinese government.

This almost seems laughable, really. Yet I wonder what compels so many people to defend the indefensible in our country. For instance, we have for a president, a complete joke and a sham. He has broken every campaign promise, made both to the right and the left. He sets a new record for presidential lows every day.

Just now, his USDA is persecuting magicians for having rabbits, saying they need permits and hand washing stations if they are going to use rabbits in their show. His NLRB ordered Boeing not to move to South Carolina, because that’s a union-busting tactic.

I wish half the things I read about President Obama and his insane administration were made up. I find it hard to believe myself until I see his officials saying those things with their own mouths, and the actual letters people receive from them.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he had his own 50-cent gang trolling the internet, inventing comments to make him look better than he is, spreading the pack of lies he wishes were the truth. Our own representative, Adam Smith, has been feeding us lies about what Obamacare is really doing, and what the Paul Ryan proposal really is, rather than confront the truth and propose a way out of the mess he caused with his own votes to bankrupt America.

Perhaps that’s what the Democratic Party has become today: President Obama’s 50-cent gang.


6 Responses to “50 Cent Gang”

  1. Dr. Kwame M. Brown Says:

    An accurate record of Obama’s campaign promises. Your assessment over reaches quite a bit, Jonathan.


    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      The second item: secure the borders. Is that a joke? Where’s the promises not to raise taxes? There is a lot missing there.

      Politifact is hardly a non-biased objective source of information. You’re better off piecing together the big picture from Obama supporters and detractors.

  2. Dr. Kwame M. Brown Says:

    I have done this as well. Either approach still leaves inaccurate your claim that EVERY campaign promise is broken.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Name one that wasn’t broken? That list was terribly biased, and it can easily be argued that none of the promises they say he kept were kept.

      The very fact that this is open for debate is a sign that President Obama is a liar and a fraud. If we’re trying to identify 1 thing he actually did what he said he would do, as opposed to arguing whether there is anything that he said he would do that he did not do, is evidence of the vast lie that was his presidential campaign, or his incapability to keep a single promise he has made in his life.

  3. Dr. Kwame M. Brown Says:

    Name one SINGLE president or candidate who has kept all of their promises. In history. Go ahead and begin with “all men are created equal”. A fact you continually ignore is that the president is not king. First, they shouldn’t be promising anything. Because they can’t deliver. We have 3 branches of government. But we don’t allow them to NOT promise. Those who don’t promise never get into the race.

    Again – you say “incapability to keep a single promise he has made in his life”. This is the kind of statement that comes from anger and hate. It is factually untrue. He is no worse than any other president we have had in this regard.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      I don’t hate the man. I am simply making an observation. Yes, no president is perfect in keeping all his promises. After all, Pres. Bush did not dismantle the Dept. of Education as he promised.

      The point here is that when other presidents make a promise, at least they intend to deliver on it. It appears like Obama only made promises for political gain, never intending to actually deliver on any of them.

      Those who fell for his gimmick are the ones who should be offended, not the boy who points out that the emperor has no clothes.

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