Communists Are Either Stupid Or Insane


I don’t believe this is a false dichotomy, because I cannot imagine any other scenario for someone actually supporting communist ideas. They are either stupid, meaning ignorant, incapable of reasonable thought, or insane, meaning they desire that which is not good for themselves or others.

To understand why, you first need to understand communism. The idea sounds simple enough: Let’s have everyone share everything so there is no rich and no poor. Indeed, that’s the idea behind the United Order as revealed by the prophet Joseph Smith. It’s an ideal I aspire to. I want to live in a society where there is no rich and no poor, even if it means that I live a lower standard of living.

However, and this is the key, it is the means by which communism intends to impose this vast equality of economic means that leaves communism as a failed, and outright evil, philosophy. It is this means which the stupid or insane people who support communism either ignore, misinterpret, or pretend doesn’t exist.

Let me help you understand. If you want to have no rich and no poor, then you need a few components to make it happen. One, a way to determine who has more than their fair share, and who has less. Two, a way to obtain the surplus property from the rich. Three, a way to distribute the property to the poor.

Under the United Order, the means are as follows. One, people determine, according to their conscience and input from their bishop, whether they are rich or poor, and how rich or poor they really are. People do not concern themselves with other people’s status, because it is an individual determination between God, that individual, and his conscience. Two, the rich voluntarily give their surplus to the bishop. Three, the bishop gives the surplus to the deserving poor. Meaning, those poor people who refuse to work and support themselves get nothing, whiles those who do are given the means to provide for themselves.

Looking at the United Order in this way, it becomes clear that sloth and pride are both eliminated. Pride in both sense: pride in thinking that you know better than someone else whether they are rich or not, and pride in thinking that you are more deserving than someone else of your own property. Those who live by the order, in their hearts, are rewarded with the blessing of living among people who share their values, and knowing that they have truly sacrificed all they have to the Lord, and what property they have is a gift of the Lord to them.

Under communism, the means are as follows. One, the rich and poor are defined in purely political terms, namely, in those terms which will help the communists obtain and keep power within the government. Two, property from the rich is obtained through government force. Those who refuse to comply are put into prison, slave camps, or executed, along with their friends and family. Three, the poor are given what little is left after individuals in the government and the communist party have taken their share of the pie, which in many cases is not enough to survive.

It doesn’t have to be argued whether or not what I just said is true. We have far too many examples from history, both in our own country and without. Even a casual examination of the facts will expose what I have described to be the truth.

Granted, communists will yell and shout and try to label me an idiot for exposing this truth. This is a demonstration of their own idiocy or their insanity. Being confronted with the truth, they do not argue it logically or reasonably, being open-minded and considerate of the fact that other people besides themselves are capable of higher human thought. Instead, they embrace their own ignorance, or realizing the truth, continue in the march towards communism anyway.

Communism is the most evil philosophy to appear on the face of the earth. The evils of the empire, an absolute monarch who ruled by blood and terror, at least had the veil of securing for the people some degree of liberty. Even the evil Roman Empire, which committed vast acts of genocide and slaughter obtained for the world, at least temporarily, Pax Romana, which made it possible for one tiny man from Galilee to preach against the status quo and form the Christian faith.

What does Communism leave in its wake? Not even peace. Those who live under communism are under constant threat from their masters, the members of the communist party and government. They live in fear, watching every word they say, and doing their best to appear as a good little communist.

One day, I am sure, it will be apparent to all that Satan is indeed alive and well, and he is at the helm of the communist movement. Those who cannot see communism as evil are the same who look over the world and say there is no devil. Being confronted with evil in such absolute terms, and deciding that it is no evil, they can see no devil even though his work is evidence throughout the globe.

The coming election in 2012 is a vote between re-electing a president who obviously supports the ideas behind communism, and is quite open about his support for those ideas, and someone else. I can’t think of any president, not even Wilson or Carter or FDR, that was so open in their detest of the American way and so open in their support of the statist way. I hope and pray our country chooses the “something else” option, to show that we do not want any part nor parcel with communist ideals.


4 Responses to “Communists Are Either Stupid Or Insane”

  1. Aakimo Loyuk Says:

    You said:

    “Communism is the most evil philosophy to appear on the face of the earth…”

    And no doubt about it.

    I spent the last summer going to the library nearly everyday to read and study economic theories and philosophies and decided to start my search with the most notable “God-Father” of Communist Thought, Karl Marx and his pathetic follower Engels.

    In every book authored by either Marx or Engels obtained a snobby introduction presented by a “sophisticated member of society” from Harvard, Yale or Columbia. The introduction would start by first congratulating me for finally coming to my senses and seeking the “knowledge that will lead to a better society.” I mostly held my nose while reading past the intro.

    So I’ve read Das Kaptial (all volumes), Thesis on Feuerbach, The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, The Grundrisse, The Philosophy of Family, The Manifesto, et cetera, et cetera and only one book written on the topic of Marx’s communist fantasy is worth mentioning, and that is Thomas Sowell’s “Marxism.”

    (Thomas Sowell’s) “Marxism” is the only book that I’ve read so far that details all of Marx’s intentions accurately and clearly, and then, one by one takes each concept and then artfully separates the “actual” from the “factual.”

    If you ever pick up this book all you have to do is read the concluding chapter, in it Sowell exposes Marx, Engels and co. for who they really were: a bunch of rapscallions and hypocrites among other details their loyal followers would never dare to mention like for instance: The First Internationale (located in England) and hosted by Marx and Engels, gave birth to the presentation of The Communist Manifesto literature through reasons of falsehood and deception. Engels himself secretly substituted his and Marx’s literature in place of a more popular (and reasonable) one. Another was that Marx was horrible with money and depended on his mother solely to pay for everything that he wanted. The sums of cash deposits where large and frequent. When she finally decided to closed the purse he vowed never to mention to anyone else that he ever had a mother!

    And in an ironic twist Engels was the son of a Merchant, bathed in capitalistic ideals from an early age and ended up using the capital he gained and saved overtime to lend to Marx. Apparently, Marx was so bad with money Engels ended up supporting him and his family for the rest of their natural lives, using funds earned through the Capitalistic philosophy they both claimed was ineffective and expiring.

    Are we sensing a theme here?

    Its kinda funny when you think about it – Marx and Engels’ “Economic-Dialectic Philosophy” seemed to only apply to everyone else, except themselves. Huh. Typical.

    Eventually, I read more letters and (unbiased) biographical accounts on Marx and began to realize that he was nothing more than just a lazy, spoiled little brat who never got his way, and thought that everyone (in the world) should have to share what they’ve got with him (“From each according to their ability, To each according to his need.”). Later in life, he turned “this” experience into an accepted option for society and labeled it “communism”. And unfortunately for the rest of us, people still want to give it a try – without considering the source.

    Most liberals’ answer to anything they think you don’t understand is to, “have an open mind.”

    My response…

    “…having too ‘open a mind’ may cause your brain to fall out.”

  2. Finn Says:

    Completely agree on the insanity idea.Unfortunately, negative emotions such as jealousy, hatred (of other peoples more enlightened beliefs) veiled under the title of revolutionary thinking is extremely seductive to those who cannot think for themselves or are weaker, mentally, or who have those negative emotions themselves.
    Sociopaths generally don’t have other people’s welfare at heart, they are at war within their own souls, being of mixed and impure backgrounds and beliefs.
    Just like that old saying……”You can’t get clean water from a dirty tap.”

  3. raj Says:

    1985 interview with ex -KGB agent reveals succesful psychological warfare heavily financed by Soviets

    Videos available in above link:

    Yuri Bezmenov on demoralization

    Bezmenov on Marxists, useful idiots

    Bezmenov on American mass media

    Bezmenov on KGB interest in yoga, brainwashing


    Full video :

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