Where is the Democratic Plan?


As the Democratic Party derides both Paul Ryan’s and President Obama’s budget proposals, I am left to wonder what their proposal is. See, the Democratic Party made no budget last year, the first time in our nation’s history. The Democratic-controlled senate made no efforts at a budget this year. April 15th is the date by which both the House and the Senate have to propose a budget so that reconciliation can begin. Although Paul Ryan finished his budget on time, the democrats in the senate made no move.

Their strategy, it appears, is to be the cynics among us. No matter what anyone proposes, they will attack it for its flaws, making no effort to try and produce something that resolves those flaws.

If this is their strategy, I hope the republicans make hay out of it. It’s a simple attack to defend against. “I am putting myself on the line with our own proposal, and I am here to defend it. What is your proposal? Or are you simply pointing fingers and calling us names when you have no proposal of your own?”

If the democrats were to propose a budget, it would have to address cuts to the entitlement programs of Social Security and Medicare. That’s because. as Paul Ryan points out repeatedly, it is impossible for our status quo to continue past 2037. If you’re 65 years old today, you’ll be 91 when 2037 rolls around. At that point, not only will there be no Medicare program, but the entire country, as we know it, will be gone because we will have to default on all of our loans.

So, in reality, Republicans are left to run against the status quo, which is the annihilation of our country through debt. That makes an easy argument. As I’ve said before, if the republicans proposed to cut Medicare 100%, they wouldn’t be cutting Medicare by a dime, because the program is already bankrupt and already gone.

This can’t be said enough: Paul Ryan’s plan is to deliver, in full, all the promises we’ve made to seniors 55 and older. That is, he is giving you Medicare beyond 2037. The way he does this is by cutting the costs of medical care for everyone under 55, by giving them a voucher that they spend, thus driving costs down and quality up. It’s a brilliant plan, a plan based on economic principles we know already work.

I’m also very curious why the Democrats want to be in power as the nation falls apart. Do they actually believe that we will pull through somehow, without any budgets or any serious proposals to stop the downfall? Or are they like the last emperors of Rome, ready to lie, cheat, steal, murder and wage war to take the throne of a kingdom that is doomed, just so that they can be there to whet the swords of the conquering barbarians?


2 Responses to “Where is the Democratic Plan?”

  1. Dr. Kwame M. Brown Says:

    Jonathan, your depiction here of the Democratic party deriding Obama’s plan but offering no plan of their own (which is right by the way) flies in the face of your comment on a previous post alluding that they were nothing but “50 centers”, shilling for Obama. Both cannot be true. The fact is, he and the Democratic party have often been at odds. Further, he is reviled by leftists and socialists as much as he is by staunch conservatives such as yourself. Which makes him, by definition, a moderate.

    One thing Newt Gingrich was right about – even though he was forced to recant by the Republican machine – is that Ryan’s plan simply involves social engineering from the opposite perspective. The fact is – in our current state, some social engineering will be necessary – but in the direction of preserving a middle class and opportunity for a market that is much more conducive to small business, not one that favors large corporate structures, which are already acting almost as de facto governments in this country and in others, with the help of mistakes and engineering by our LAST 5 PRESIDENTS, including Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush, Jr., and the current POTUS. They have all either been in cohoots with or have fallen prey to pressure from (Obama in the second group) large corporate structures.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      When the social engineering involves putting the power to choose back into the hands of the people, that is the type of social engineering I agree with. It is the same line of thought that led the Republican Party to do social engineering on the South during reconstruction.

      When the social engineering involves limiting people’s choices so that the conform to someone else’s utopic fantasies, then it is wrong.

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